Recently, I’ve been adding quite a few story series to my site, with the links working in reverse only. So, to make things easier, I’ve now added this page which will feature every link to every part to every story. This page will change over time…

Current storylines

The Superhero Diaries

1. Be Prepared
1.1. Reds and Greens
1.2. The Psychic Recorder
1.3. Invisible Patchwork
1.4. All good plans?
1.5. Social Media Freaks
1.6. All in a Day’s Work
1.7. Headline News
1.8. Superwiki
1.9. Love Letters Lost?

2.1 Apostrophised
2.2 Ganthenex Invoked
2.3 Heroes, Villains and Things in the Middle
2.4 Going nowhere fast
2.5 Middlehaven Isle
2.6 Discarded Plans
2.7 Image is Paramount
2.8 Flux
2.9 Heroes of Yesteryear
2.10 Chaos Strewn

3.1 Heroes in Tomorrow
3.2 Medical Matters
3.3 Laundry Matters
3.4 Blog Fusion
3.5 When Again? 
3.6 Soopaburgah!
3.7 Many Happy Returns
3.8 Useless Knowledge
3.9 Family Portrait
3.10 The Rancid Apple

Special: Come the Heroes

4.1 Withdrawal Times Two
4.2 The Villains’ Code
4.3 Regretfully Yours
4.4 Teamwork
4.5 Emily
4.6 Corporate Support
4.7 Apparitions
4.8 Interventions
4.9 Draft Declaration
4.10 Turn Around

5.1 Safe Haven
5.2 Sia Klath 
5.3 Psychic Recordings
5.4 Off Note and the Undertones 
5.5 Down Times
5.6 In The Stocks
5.7 Frozen
5.8 Malfunction
5.9 Radio Silence
5.10 Invisible Help
5.11 Invisible Help Part Two
5.12 Invisible Help Part Three
5.13 The Anagrama
5.14 Miss Delightful
5.15 Computers Byte Back
5.16 Cyberspace
5.17 binary
5.18 Transformation
5.19 Decoded
5.20 Wet Weekend
5.21 Aliens & Monsters
5.22 Witches & Demons


Past storylines

Legendary Circles

Legendary Circles – the post where it all began!
In the Lap of the Gods
Descent and Hell on Earth two parts in one post!
Rubble Trouble
Lost and Found
Stand Off
The Observed
Strange Things
The Return
Full Circle

The Road to Meringue (featuring Walpole E. Epstein)

1. The Road to Meringue
2. The Road to Meringue (Part Two)
3. The Road to Meringue (Part Three)
4. The Road to Meringue (Part Four)
5. The Road to Meringue (Part Five)
6. The Road to Meringue (Part Six)
7. The Road to Meringue (Part Seven)
8. The Road to Meringue (Conclusion)

Top Ten Tips for a wannabe superhero

1. Media
2. Gadgets
3. Presence
4. Personality

Halloween 2013

1. Part One
2. Part Two
3. Part Three
4. Part Four
5. Part Five
6. Part Six
7. Part Seven
8. Part Eight
9. Part Nine
10. Part Ten
11. Part Eleven
12. Part Twelve Part One
13. Part Twelve Part Two
14. Part Twelve Part Three
15. Part Twelve Part Four
16. Part Thirteen
17. Part Fourteen


Interlude: The Rickety Railway Track

The New Room World

  1. The beeping from below
  2. Sleeping Dragon
  3. Keeping Faith


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