Mission to Middlehaven: 19

Psychic Sue couldn’t move her body. Through the green glow, and within her mind’s eye, she could see Annabeth and Charlie trapped alongside her. She brought her attention to the crystal ball in the centre of the room. She reached out with as much of her psychic strength she could muster. Come Now! She pleaded, the chaos is commencing! She hoped that her message had got through.

Streams of the green energy that were holding the three in this strange stasis were now reaching out to all of the candles around the parlour. Each candle the energy came into contact with erupted into a great green flame, before dwindling away into nothing. The electrical lighting above flickered on and off, before exploding into a cascade of sparks. The room was slowly being plunged into an eerie green darkness.

Outside, Lycralad looked at Firetop, who was still holding Cheryl Olive’s hand. Beryl and Merrell had limped their way over and were beginning to ‘worship’ Firetop, just as Cheryl Olive was attempting to do.

“Get off me!” Firetop shook his hand free. “I am not the Son of Igbon. And I am most definitely NOT the son of Ganthenex, the de…” he suddenly remembered the elderly man and the tribe of people who began to worship him in a similar manner earlier “…mon…”

The porch lights exploded above Lycralad’s head, making him realise that all of the lights in the cottage were now out. The green glow from the parlour was now extending to the kitchen / dining area and the hallway.

“Blessed Be!” Beryl bowed before Firetop. “Blessed Be!” Merrell joined in. Lycralad couldn’t help but smile at Firetop’s expression as he watched these two strange women with straggly skin bobbing up and down before him. “Blessed Be!” Cheryl Olive had now joined in. Firetop cupped both of his hands in front of his chest, in preparation to send out another burst of flame to distract the three witches, but then remembered how his last blast caused the lightning strike. He decided not to use his flame and put up with being worshipped instead. He glanced over to Lycralad and rolled his eyes once he saw Lycra’s smirk.

“Beryl, what’s happened to you all? You seem…” Lycralad couldn’t finish his question.

With white blank eyes once more, the three witches simultaneously stopped their bowing and looked at Lycralad, moving their mouths in unison, but speaking only in Beryl’s voice. “We are the daughters of Ganthenex. We have summoned the Son of Ganthenex and by the Power of Four we shall revoke the cage that holds our father and free him. This time, Ganthenex shall rule the entire world for thirty five minutes before bringing forth the Darkness of the Ultimate End. Then we shall see the truth of our everlasting peace and darkness.”

Lycralad looked at Firetop, who now too was looking back in his direction with the same blank white eyes. The four of them now moved their mouths at the same time, but the voice Lycralad heard this time was Firetop’s. “By the combined power of four from three, the swallower of light we invoke thee. Come forth this night and set yourself free, come forth Ganthenex and so it be!”

Lycralad swallowed as he heard more thunder in the distance.

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