“I’m presuming Finger Bones did this?” The Cloud asked the startled security guard. “He’s just broke into another bank on the other side of town, and I lost track of him. Do you know which way he went?”

The guard pointed in the direction the car drove away. “He’ll be long gone now, Cloud. That way goes to the main road and from there he could have gone anywhere.”

“Quite possibly, but there’s one more bank over on that side of the town, and I’m guessing he will be going there. He seems to have a plan, does Mr Bones! What did he take by the way? Nothing much, I’m guessing.”

“Just a file.”

“Like at the last bank. He’s definitely up to something.”

“The manager’s on his way, he’ll be able to say what was in the file…” The guard realised that his second visitor had also disappeared into the night.

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