Mission to Middlehaven: 16


“I’ve lost them.” Sue said, thumping the table in desperation.

“They are still connected in our reflections,” Cheryl Olive advised, “just because we cannot see them or communicate with them, they are there.”

“They are on their way back to us.” Beryl said.

“They have retrieved the diamonds for us, and are returning via their selected methods of transportation. It should not be long before they return.” Merrell stood up from the table. “Hurry! We must prepare the circle in readiness of their return, otherwise they will be trapped in the Underworld forever! We must swiftly open the gateway”

Merrell, Beryl and Cheryl Olive quickly stood and ran outside. Sue looked around the room, sensing something was slightly amiss.

They’ve left the room like this. They’ve left this circle open here. According to Cheryl the connection is still open. Surely they should have closed this circle before opening the other one? My intuition is telling me the psychic link will cause a problem with them returning, why do they not know that? Something isn’t right.

She turned her attention back to the crystal ball, and quickly tried to concentrate on one of the areas where she knew she had a connection.

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