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The red-skinned male opened the door to the large two-story house in a friendly part of town. He allowed his green-skinned companion to enter before him. “After you, my dear!” he said, with a smile and just a little too much charm.

“Thank you!” the female smiled back, longing to get into the house after the long walk they had to make from the railway station, without being spotted by too many people. They’d received many strange looks whilst on their train journey, and their explanation of ‘going to a fancy dress party’ didn’t seem to wash with the young man who’d asked why they were dressed funny. The fact that the red man’s tail cramped and then swished uncontrollably as they stood on the packed train didn’t help matters either.

“My feet are throbbing off!” she said as she walked through the door and into the lobby. The lobby led onto the open living room and kitchen toward the back. A fireplace was on the wall to their right, and beside the fireplace was an old Grandfather Clock. On the fireplace was a sealed envelope.

He closed and locked the door behind him, and she walked over to the fireplace. The fire automatically lit itself as she approached, causing her to jump. Laughter echoed around the almost empty room.

“How did you do that?” He asked as he looked around the room noticing how bright the moonlight was as it streamed in through the many windows dotted around.

“I don’t think I did!” She replied as she lifted the envelope. “This building has a soul. I can feel it!” The envelope had Mr and Mrs Sinster elegantly written across it in gold lettering. “Mr and Mrs Sinster. Is that us?”

The man opened the folder he was carrying, and read the bullet-pointed list from page one. “Identities: Mr and Mrs Sinster. Yes that’s us!”

She opened the envelope and a stream of magical stars cascaded out and swirled around the room. From out of the stars an angel appeared before them.

“Hello,” said the angel with the most musically toned voice either of the two new housemates had ever heard. “My name is Gabriel,” he said, drawing back on his angelic tones. “And before you ask, not that Gabriel. I’ve been sent from above to watch over you. And by that, I mean to guide you down the correct path for your mission.”

“So HR have sent a babysitter?” Mr Sinster asked.

“I’m from above HR” Gabriel answered. “Way above. Let me see the mission you’ve been sent on.”

Mr Sinster handed the file to Gabriel without thinking. Thick black smoke poured out from the file, which then transformed into a bright red flame and finally vanished.

“Oops.” Gabriel smiled. “It appears your mission may have changed.”

The Grandfather Clock chimed for midnight, but stopped after the eleventh chime, not that anyone physically present noticed.

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