Lady Might burst through the doors to the grand ballroom of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex, ripping down the heavy curtains as she did so, throwing them over the desk at the far side of the room, and covering a stunned Dropped Apostrophe.

Jordan Grainger managed to kick Moonbeam off from on top of him during the confusion, and move away so he could massage his throat, still choking.

Bubblegum ran into the ballroom, scattering her newly-developed prototype range of indestructible jelly beans on the floor beneath Lady Might, causing her to lose her step and crash to the floor.

The Dropped Apostrophe freed himself from the curtain, and, thanks to the light that came into the ballroom from the corridor outside, could see the chaos before him: Jordan was attempting to use the white plastic sun lounger to hit Moonbeam who in turn was trying to draw down his mystical darkness to use on Jordan; and Bubblegum was trying to keep Lady Might busy with her exploding popping candy, Lady Might repelling the mini explosions with her magical feather boa.

“That will be enough…” screamed a voice from the doorway, followed by an excruciatingly high pitched shriek. Ellova Palava flicked the switch on her hand-held sonic device, which killed the sound, as Moonbeam directed his darkness over to Lady Might, stunning her once again; Bubblegum blew a large cherry-flavoured bubble, and everyone in the room, apart from Lady Might, stood looking at each other through the semi-darkness without uttering a word and literally hearing the dust settle.

It’s another Sunday, and another prompt word from Denise for Six Sentence Stories. This week, the word is ‘Range’. The image below links to GirlieOnTheEdge if you’d like more details about this writing challenge, and previous parts to this ongoing tale featuring the despicable Dropped Apostrophe and his Co-ordination of Supervillains can be found in my Storylines menu.

14 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Nick.
      The time’s there, but I’m not, unfortunately! I’m on my mobile right now, and all my account details are on another computer, in my other world! I’ll see if I can get a special mobile account set up so I can add the link through here… we’ll see.
      And no worries about the late visit… my blogging completely is out of any semblance of order right now!

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  1. Indestructible jellybeans and exploding candy?!!🍬Chaos indeed Tom! Sounds like a good night out at the local bar 🍸 on a Saturday night 🌙 or the clash between England and France footie supporters, to be current!😁

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    1. After the cacophony of noises, Frank, I think settling dust would sound like a gentle sprinkling of silence… normal silence that’s a little more special.

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