“Take one each… now… I insist… they’re my own recipe with all natural ingredients and I insist you have one as my way of welcoming you with love and an open heart into the team…” Bubblegum burst back into the reception of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex and thrust a bowl of sweets first into Rust’s chest, and then The Opposite Man’s, as she looked intently into their eyes.

Jordan Grainger smiled as he said, “You may as well take one – she will not stop pestering you until you do!”

Reluctantly, Rust and The Opposite Man took a sweet each, and both were surprised at how sweet and tasty they actually were.

“These are awful…” The Opposite Man said to Bubblegum, as he accepted a key to his room from Jordan, “I was expecting them to be quite fruity – could I take another?”

“No…” Bubblegum snapped as she took a sweet from the bowl and held it up to the light, “one each for all of our new guests… these are for future new members of the team…” she then left reception quickly for a second time, leaving the two newcomers yet again watching after her open-mouthed.

“You’ll get used to Bubblegum,” Jordan said with a chuckle, “although she’s just as quirky as the rest of the people around here.”

This is another ‘retrospective’ posting using a previous prompt word for Denise’s Six Sentence Stories. The prompt word I’ve used again this time is ‘ingredient’, which comes with a slight funny tale. I’ve decided to try and stick to the order the words came out the first time around, but not use the words I’ve already used within a supervillains Six. All good plans, hey? I misread my list. The next word on my list was ‘canvas’. I’ve marked beside each word those that had been used in this storyline – however I misread this marking, thinking canvas had and ingredient hadn’t! So, I’m now not posting the words in any order, and may be using my supervillain words again. Hehehe! I’m very flexible.

So, the ongoing tale featuring the Co-ordination of Supervillains yet again continues, with previous parts all linked in my Storylines menu. It’s love month, and these supervillains will be forced to work together, whether they want to or not, as the power of love takes an unexpected twist for two of them…

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