In the grand ballroom of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex, the Dropped Apostrophe sat back in his comfortable chair, sipping from a glass of the finest Arles de Vrille champagne, admiring the contracts of his latest master plan.

He took another sip, hearing what he thought was thunder above, thinking it strange as the sky had been perfectly clear a few moments earlier.

He then heard another rumble, which was more like an explosion from the darkened corridor just outside the ballroom – he realised instantly that this was from the cellar.

“No no no no no…” he whispered as he put his glass down onto the desk, realising their first non-paying hotel guest had broken free.

The thunderous sounds above continued, soon replaced by what sounded like a very loud crack; then plaster, debris and a white plastic sun lounger fell onto the dance floor less than a metre in front of the Apostrophe.

This was shortly followed by two men, who the Dropped Apostrophe saw as Jordon Grainger laying beneath and being strangled by Moonbeam, seconds before they were all plunged into darkness as the lights went out.

Another part to the ongoing tale featuring The Co-ordination of Supervillains, posted for Six Sentence Stories. The prompt word for this week is ‘Meter/Metre’… as the Dropped Apostrophe would say ‘you say tomato, I say tomato.” The image below links to Denise’s site, GirlieOnTheEdge

Previous parts to this story appear in my Storylines menu.

18 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Sue… and yes, Moonbeam certainly does seem to have done it… although what exactly remains to be seen! 😊
      And it’s almost weekend again! 🙂


  1. Well that was all very dramatic Tom! Somebody clearly got well and truly on the wrong side of Moonbeam! Or she got out the wrong side of the bed and had an impassioned desire to make someone – anyone, pay! Bit of a scsre for the Dropped Apostrophe but perhaps he is used to the wiles of Moonbeam! 🙃

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    1. Moonbeam likes the drama, Icewolf! I’m not sure he likes being called ‘she’ either… but I suppose the slightest thing makes him a tad grumpy. Regarding the Dropped Apostrophe, I’m not sure he’s used to anyone’s wiles! 🙂


        1. Oh yes. Moonbeam’s other things on his mind means he didn’t spot the typo, Icewolf, so all’s good. As for the Apostrophe, well, we’ll have to see what happens there! 😉

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  2. (damn! late to the party…) I will echo jenne: a super hero with the name ‘Dropped Apostrophe’ is worth the price of admission, in and of itself.
    Liking this ‘average day in the life of super beings’ storyline

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Clark… although he is one of the ‘heroes’ of this story, the Dropped Apostrophe is actually a supervillain, perhaps with an idea or two above his station, who keeps getting in his own way.
      And as for their average day, we’ll, they’re all (mostly) like this! 😊🙂


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