Eln stood, disgruntled, ready to attack,
Kailan stopped playing, as did Clammack
“Eln, my friend, sit back with ease
Surely the good prince is here to tease?”

Ankela looked on at the gathered crowd
As he heard Kailans plea which was quite loud
He looked at Eln with a smirk on his face
“You surely don’t want to her to stay in this place?”

Eln looked over at his beloved Starr
Then back to this prince from lands afar
“Starr of Starne is here to stay
And that won’t change in any way”

“But, musician,” belittled the handsome prince
“You’re a hermit and you make me wince.”
“But I’m his wife,” Starr answered back
Watching the prince’s expression crack

And for #WorldWatercolorMonth, I’ve created one of the ways into Everplain; there are actually many, but this is the way over the very green hills and far away:

World Watercolor Month July 2019 Doodlewash

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