The large table in the decadent dining room on the Hringhorni was adorned with the freshest food from all around the globe. Bowls laden with fruit filled the centre, and plates filled with fresh meats and vegetables surrounded them. Baldur sat at the head of the table, and Adonis sat at the other end. To Adonis’ left sat Amunet, and to his right Hera. Diana sat next to Amunet, and Aphrodite and Athena both sat opposite Diana, Athena sitting next to Baldur, to his left.

“This table is never ending!” Hera said, with glee. “My girdle is feeling very tight indeed!”

“Nonsense!” Baldur said, eyeing the revered Goddess. “You look perfect.” Aphrodite smiled and nudged Hera with her elbow.

“Careful, Baldur!” Adonis warned. “Jupiter will have your head on a platter if you try to seduce his wife!”

“We are not all like you, Adonis.” Baldur retorted.

“Not much.” Adonis looked around the table. All eyes were upon him, which made him smile. “But still. We have quite a bit of the journey to go. Play us some tunes on your flute, Baldur!”

“Oh yes, please!” Athena looked toward Baldur. “Play that tune you were playing in the garden earlier!”

“Not right now,” Baldur stood. “Our journey is almost at an end. We will be arriving the Gates of Atlantis shortly, and we must be ready for that.”

“Have you taken leave of your senses?” Adonis scoffed. “We are hours away!”

“Not on board the Hringhorni, the greatest ship ever built.” Baldur gestured around the dining room with very exaggerated moves. “Why sail… when we can fly?!”

“Oh, this I must see!” Diana said, standing to join her twin.

“Come with me to the bridge, sister, and we shall take to the skies!” Diana and Baldur left the dining room. Adonis growled.

Amunet placed her hand on his forearm soothingly. “Do not be riled, Adonis. Baldur merely shows off.” She looked into the deep blue eyes of this other young blond God, watching as his aggression lifted. “Let us all go to the bridge and see if this ship really can fly.”

By the time they’d reached the bridge, the ship was already airborne, and high above the clouds.

“My, we are higher than on Mount Olympus!” Hera said as she looked out of one of the windows.

“It is the quickest way to travel, Hera,” Baldur said, “much faster than chariot and unicorn.”

“I can see that.” Hera was in awe of the speed in which they travelled.

Aphrodite had to sit away from the windows. She was suffering from travel sickness again, something which only very rarely came over her.

“Are you OK, Aph?” Athena asked, noticing her friend looking particularly green.

“I’ll be fine, Ath.” Aphrodite muttered.

“Are you sure?” Athena probed.

“Not that I’m questioning the Wisdom of Athena, Ath, but I shall be fine.”

“Well, that’s me told!” Athena looked out of the window again, and saw a figure fast approaching the ship. As it grew larger, drew closer, it was a winged horse carrying a woman in silver armour. “Valkyries!” She shouted.

Baldur looked out of the same window. Eight Valkyries were approaching the Hringhorni, splitting into four groups of two to surround the ship. “We must be nearing the Gates of Atlantis now!” Baldur said, “These are the welcoming committee. The Horae. They are here to decide if we can enter Atlantis or not.”

It has certainly been a while since we last visited here! This is the fourth part to the β€˜new’ Legendary Circles story. The previous parts are on the Storylines page.

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    1. Indeed they are, Chris, and I can feel the headache coming on already! Actually, when I reopened my Legendary Circles folder, I found this and the next part already written, but trying to remember who’s who and who did what is challenging. I found one error in this part, which I swiftly corrected, but I have a feeling quite a few may slip through. Bring on the fun! πŸ€―πŸ™„πŸ€£πŸ˜Š

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