The Co-ordination of Supervillains II

Ellova Palava opened her eyes, and found herself slumped across Jordan Grainger’s legs, where she’d dribbled slightly onto his right thigh; Jordan himself started to stir at the same time, as did all the others, some groaning as they tried to get up off the floor.

“That was some reception party…” Bubblegum said, as she stuffed paper plates and empty champagne bottles into black plastic bin sacks, and ripped a party hat from off Moonbeam’s head.

“Party…” The Lady groaned from the floor where she sat, “I don’t remember a party… I don’t attend parties… not this type of party… but,” she rubbed her temples and smoothed out a crease from the silk trim of her leather evening dress, “my head certainly feels like it’s been to a party.”

The Dropped Apostrophe helped The Lady up, and one by one the others stood and began helping Bubblegum to tidy up.

“We’ve lost four days…” Matthew Mist declared, looking at the desk calendar, “we can’t have partied in here for four days surely – I don’t even remember there being a party – why would we have the party in reception and not the Grand Ballroom?”

“Well, we did,” Bubblegum said, placing another paper plate into a bag, “I’ve got the headache of all headaches to prove it… we just decided to throw it here, well, our great leader the Apostrophe did… I can only remember snippets, though,” she glanced at Ellova and Jordan, “although you two may remember a little bit more, I always knew you’d get together…”; Madam Valentine grabbed Bubblegum’s arm and pulled her to one side, and whispered something into her ear, Bubblegum’s face freezing as what she’d been told struck home.


The Co-ordination of Supervillains II (part two)

“You do know, don’t you, your mind-altering formulas have no effect on my mind, sweetie,” Madam Valentine whispered into Bubblegum’s ear, who froze as she said it.

Carrying on regardless, Bubblegum looked at Madam Valentine, and whispered, “Of course I knew it, Auntie Welma, but it was worth a go, for new beginnings and all that. I can’t have your little mix-up with Jordan and Moonbeam splitting the team, neither could I have the team on your back because of that – the easiest thing would be for everyone to forget everything and start again.”

Madam Valentine said aloud, “That’s all I remember dear,” she glanced over at Moonbeam, who was watching their interaction curiously, and with a cheeky smirk, a wink and three taps to the side of her nose added “but your secret – both of yours – is safe with me – I’ll say no more.”

The reception was quickly tidied, after all the gathered supervillains worked together, and very soon it looked as professional as it always used to.

A man walked into reception wearing a grotty-looking boiler suit and walked over to The Lady and The Dropped Apostrophe, who were laughing amiably about some tale the Apostrophe had just told regarding an old silk handkerchief, “Ah, there you are – should’ve come ‘ere first, really,” he said cheerily, “I’m the builder, Bob, from BilditFixit, I’ve been sent about some repairs to a ballroom or something…”;  The Lady and the Apostrophe looked at each other, a very strong feeling of déjà vu coming over both of them, which became outweighed by confusion over the ballroom.

And, as they say in the movie game, that’s a wrap!

The Co-ordination of Supervillains now ride off into the sunset, leaving so many gaping plot holes you could fit multiple Sambabuses in them and still have space to loosen a few more threads. Talking of threads, this double-bill to complete this series of villainous mayhem has once again been posted for Six Sentence Stories. Denise has chosen the prompt word ‘silk’ this time – hence the ‘thread’ link. I know… I know… tenuous. Blame the supervillains.

They will be back in another series at some time in the future.

The image below links to Denise’s site, Girlie On The Edge, if you’d like more details of the challenge. And if you’d like to be further confused by the supervillains, visit my Storylines page, where all parts to this series are conveniently linked.

14 thoughts

  1. I was thinking the whole time reading that this cannot be a final wrap!
    Fortunately, by the end of your post all are right!

    Thank you for the super villainous trip, Tom.
    I am sure that when the time is right they shall return.
    Btw, I hope you are immuned to Bubblegum ‘s spells…or…are you?
    I guess we will find out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They will be back, Nick. There are characters queuing up to join the team, and multi-part episodes waiting to be written.
      As for Bubblegum’s magic… well, she has the ability to break the fourth wall, and she… I… er… um… no, it’s gone.
      A new start begins Sunday, but will it be a one-off or a new series? Time will tell!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dude!
    I enjoyed the characters and their adventures. (Fave characters: Bubblegum and, if for no other than the name, Dropped Apostrophe. lol)

    On the technical side, muy bueno A master class in ‘multiple character management’ So not the easiest thing to do, especially in this flash format.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Clark.
      Bubblegum and Dropped Apostrophe are beaming at the fact you’ve mentioned them!
      It’s easier when some of the characters are ‘resting’ (not appearing in that particular part!), but when they all have to appear, the fun is making the sentence read like a sentence and not just a long list of character’s names!
      There will be more characters in the next series… and probably more knots for them all to get tied up into!


    1. They’re fun to write, Mimi, so they have to return… and when they do, we should be able to see how potent Bubblegum’s formula really is! 🙂


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