Long time no see,
Dear EFB
I had hoped to hide somewhat longer
My power’s depleted
My cohorts defeated
And trapped in a realm between realms
They linger amidst the ether
Snigger, and almost teeter
On the point of crossing over, yet fail
They wail
And hum, Greensleeves
Though it could be neater
They will be back one day

But until they are
I have something else to share
A new band have become my backing crew

The Undertones they are called
They rumble and are rugged – all
And are prepared for a battle royale

And thanks to Psychic Sue
My secondary crew
Know how to access your lair
They use undercurrents galore
Within a psychic flair
And can be anywhere
In an instant or two

So prepare, Psychic Sue
And you,
Muriel Magnificent
We are coming for you.

Until the Flatnotes return, The Off Note and The Undertones will be topping the bill.

More (hopefully!) next week.


Posted by Tom Merriman

A future writer living in the present day


  1. Yet more complexity. Not sure how you keep track of all of these super heroes!



  2. Sounds like they’ll have their hands full!!! LOL!!! 🙂

    God Bless oh poetic one!!!




  3. Very serious business this Super Hero lark! It’s good to know they can be anywhere in an instant…Wish I could say the same for my current situation!…

    I am on the way to Mars and it takes longer for W.P notifications to reach me all the way out here! There’s 1000’s of us on InSight so it’s pretty crowded lol. Decided to pass some time shopping on Amazon for NASA stuff…and then discovered the European Space Station shop too….spent the last week and a bit alternating between ordering, returning too large…too small…faulty…goods lol and being hopelessly distracted roaming the two sites for more goodies, leading to zero blog visiting or anything else constructive!! Now waiting for 1 replacement from NASA and a refund or exchange from European Space Agency! Happy days….days that seriously necessitate a Super Hero! Plenty of time for blog visiting though!!



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