Bubblegum walked down to the cellar below the grand ballroom of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex carrying a tray upon which lay a plated chicken dinner with a sponge pudding and custard dessert.

She unlocked the cellar door, pulled it open and descended the steps just inside the room, pulling the cord at the bottom that switched on the cellar lights.

In the cage on the opposite side of the room, she saw Lady Might slumped on the floor; Bubblegum placed the tray on the third step and dashed over to the cage, urgently opening the door, concerned that their prisoner was on the verge of collapse.

In a blur, Lady Might flew into Bubblegum, sending her back over to the steps and into the tray of food.

As Bubblegum sat stunned, Lady Might flew over her and the steps, pushed the door off its hinges and then continued through the wall opposite, sending bricks and dust in all directions, narrowly missing the trees just beyond.

Up on the roof, Moonbeam heard the explosive sounds from below, but was more concerned with who was on the roof with him.

Another part to the Co-ordination of Supervillains story, for Six Sentence Stories (which is hosted by Denise – the following image links to her blog). The prompt word this week is ‘Verge’.

We’re still in the middle of the cliffhanger which ended last week’s Six Sentences, in case you’re experiencing déjà vu… we may possibly come through it in next week’s instalment – or will we?.

Previous parts to this ongoing tale of criminal day to day life can be found in the Storylines menu.

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