Diana pondered as she ate her toast.

She knew something was amiss, but couldn’t put her finger on it. Why would the others think I’m in the wrong place? she thought as she took another bite. I’ve always been here. Yet something was definitely out of place.

Amunet entered the kitchen in a foul rage. “He’s done it again!” She slammed a slice of bread into the toaster and pulled down the lever, almost breaking the device completely.

“Now now, Amu. Please be calm!” Diana offered, gently. Amunet scowled. “That’s better.” Diana smiled. “Who’s done what, dear?”

“HIM!” Amunet huffed. “That OAF! I’d love to stick two fingers up…”

“Up what, dear?” Diana took another bite.

“Up his oversized nostrils, that’s what!” Amunet was not being calm.

“Whose nostrils, dear? Breathe gently and deeply. In through your nose and out through…”

“I KNOW how to breathe, Diana!” Amunet shouted as her toast popped out of the toaster and high into the air. She missed it when she went to grab it, and it landed on the floor. In rage, she slammed another slice of bread into the toaster and pulled down the lever again, with an audible growl.

“Five second rule, dear!” Diana said, lifting Amunet’s slice of toast off the floor. “If you don’t want it, I’ll have it!” Amunet blew breath out from her pursed lips, and counted to ten as she did so. “Feeling better, dear? Good.” Diana smiled as she watched Amunet nod. “Now, who’s done what?”

Amunet’s face turned crimson once again. “Him!” Her slice of toast popped into the air again, and she missed it once more. “Baldur!”

“Baldur?” Diana was confused. “Who is Baldur? Do I know him?” She picked up the second slice of toast.

“Are you feeling alright, Diana?” Amunet’s tone softened. “You seem a little out of sorts… not quite yourself as it were.”

“Why do you say that?” Diana asked, now beginning to doubt her very existence.

“No reason. Of course you know Baldur! He’s lived here in the Lap for as long as we have!” Diana’s expression remained blank. Amunet knew, however, that behind that blank expression, Diana’s mind was overloading; Amunet could see the strain deep in Diana’s eyes. “The God of music and medicine? Blond, muscular, good-looking – if you like large nostrils, that is.” Finally, Amunet saw a spark.

“Oh, you mean Apollo?!” Diana watched Amunet’s face contort in confusion.

“Apollo? No Baldur.” Both Goddesses looked at each other with the same confused expression for a couple of seconds, until Diana started to chew again.

Athena walked into the kitchen. “Are you not ready yet, Diana? The horses are.”

“Horses?” Amunet asked.

“Yes, we’re going to see Jupiter in Atlantis. Something isn’t quite right. Aphrodite had a dark vision in her mirror, and I have a feeling Diana shouldn’t be here. She isn’t right.”

“I’ve just said that to her myself!” Amunet smiled, as Diana momentarily stopped chewing. “And she is eating toast off the floor without butter. Something is definitely amiss. I will see Jupiter with you.”

This is the second part to the new Legendary Circles story. Part One is in the Storylines page.

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  1. Hi Tom! 🙂 ❤

    Another fine tale in the making! 🙂 ❤

    One thing: There is no such thing as a five second rule when you have a two second dog! 😀 ❤

    Blessed Be my friend! 🙂 ❤


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