“My People!” Declared King Rabletop III, as he stood atop the Great Plinth. His wife, Queen Ellimayee stood with the other five people who had gathered around. “Today is a great day in our Kingdom. For today, ahead of the Setting Sun, our First Great Memorial has been created. Future generations will flock to see its remarkable construction which is guaranteed to stand the tests of time.”

“Husband,” Ellimayee held aloft her hand. “Do you think the circular shape is grand enough for such a memorial? Would square, or even triangular, not have been a better option?”

“Triangular? It took over fifty years to create this shape, dear wife. We’re about to go into 3999BC and we need something striking to mark the occasion. Triangular indeed. Has anyone heard of a triangular construction? No, wife, this is the way forward.”

The gathered crowd clapped, and then returned to brushing sand.

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