“It’s been years since I created a potion.”

Huffle jumped onto Maraganna’s shoulder as she peered into her old cauldron. The liquid within glowed an eerie green.

“I think I’ve lost my touch. This liquid should be smooth – not lumpy as it is now.”

Huffle purred, crawled around Maraganna’s neck and jumped onto the table behind her, knocking a jar to the floor. Startled, the Wizardess turned to see levelling soda on the table, a key ingredient she’d missed.

“Of course!” She declared, “The lumpy liquid must be left to level! How did I forget that line from the Book of Recipes?”

She poured the soda into the cauldron and watched as it bubbled and fizzed away.

“Ten minutes will do, and then I’ll have enough green ink for another hundred years!”

Maraganna bent and tickled Huffle’s chin.

“Good job I spotted that in time!”

Huffle mewed, somewhat disgruntled.

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit/s to Soul’s Music. I like your magical story and agree that familiars never really do get the credit they deserve…


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