A Co-ordination of Supervillains Double-Bill!

Forced Interest

“Oh, nonsense Giles,” the Lady purred as she stroked the arm of the owner of BilditFixit (her preferred building maintenance company), and giggling, continued, “you very well know my true age, and I can no longer pass for being twenty-one as you can…”; the Dropped Apostrophe pulled his face and sighed heavily so that the two flirting with each other noticed.

Standing up straight and regaining control over herself, the Lady cleared her throat and confirmed with Giles that the builder would arrive at the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex that afternoon to begin preliminary work on the grand ballroom; Giles slipped a hand-written receipt to the Lady for £50,000.00, the amount the Lady had paid for the Dropped Apostrophe who’d been forced to take a loan from her as he couldn’t get access to that amount when the work was arranged just after arriving at the builder’s office – everything had been pre-arranged by the Lady before they’d gotten there.

The Lady and the Dropped Apostrophe were driven back to the Complex in the Lady’s limo, in silence… the Dropped Apostrophe stared out of the darkened window for the whole journey.

Back in the damaged ballroom, the Lady could withstand the silent treatment no longer, “Just what is your problem, Apostrophe…” she began sharply, “you very well knew you’d be paying for the repairs, and as you couldn’t get access to your funds, you had to take a loan from mine with my usual arrangement fee.”

The Apostrophe breathed in deeply, then said, “You really didn’t give me a choice though… demanding it there at the cashier’s desk with all those other customers milling around… I still think an extra £25,000.00 is just a tad extortionate… I just felt I had to accept your terms and conditions.”

The Lady smiled, “And it’s a jolly good job that you did so too… Giles gave us a mega discount on the price as we agreed to allow his new builder to attend today, we had to snap up such a bargain…”; feeling dejected, the Dropped Apostrophe ambled over to his desk in the corner, muttering seventy five thousand pounds a bargain under his breath.

Love Bugged

Jordan Grainger moaned as he got up to his feet behind the desk in the reception of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex, he was unsure what hurt more: his head, his chest or his eyes – the ache from each matched the others in equal intensity… he looked around the room and was shocked to see Moonbeam slumped on the floor. He dashed around, and gently turned Moonbeam onto his back, who also groaned as he opened his eyes; Jordan helped him to sit up, Moonbeam’s strong grip holding his arms for support. They looked into each other’s red eyes, and instantly started laughing.

“I’m so glad you’re OK,” Jordan said with relief, still gazing into Moonbeam’s dark eyes; “Who was that woman… where has she gone… and why did she attack us with lightning?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care,” Moonbeam replied, “all I care about is that you’re OK, and we’re both here, together… help me up, will you?”

Jordan slowly helped Moonbeam to stand and they held onto each other tightly for balance; their arms wrapping around each other in an ever tightening embrace, feeling each other’s hearts now pounding heavily in their chests; breathing heavily, they started kissing passionately.

There’s no love lost between these four, which is clear to see. It is clear, isn’t it?

It’s love month, and this ongoing tale featuring the Co-ordination has somehow pushed its way to the top to feature heavily – previous parts can be found in my Storylines menu.

Both of these are Six Sentence Stories, a blogging challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge, but they are what I call ‘retrospective’ Sixes, where I re-use prompt words from a while back. ‘Control’ was first included in this post, and ‘Match’ in this one (which features how I ‘found’ the fabulous Six Sentence Café & Bistro).

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