The Rendezvous. Mid’s premier music entertainment venue in the 1960s.

Now, a car park for a large shopping complex adjacent to Mid Marina. The shopping complex also closed two years ago, so stands empty, alongside several other empty warehouses that are scattered around the marina area. Being outside of town in an unused area, the car park is an ideal meeting place away from prying eyes.

Parked in the centre of the carpark is a black stretched limousine. Next to it a black four by four. The door to the limo opened and a hand appeared, the index finger beckoning the passenger of the four by four to approach. The passenger was Finger Bones.

“Hello, Mr Williams!” Finger said cheerily, handing over the file to the hand. A muffled voice was the reply. “Oh yes, this is the file.” More muffled speaking from inside the car. “Oh no, it’s fine. He should be out for quite some time yet. Oh yes. Oh, no. No. I agree. Yes. The last one.” More muffled sounds and the hand emerged again, sending Finger Bones away.

Finger walked back to the passenger side of the four by four, and settled into his seat. The limousine had sped away by the time he’d put on his seatbelt.

From the rooftop of the abandoned shopping complex, Cloud lowered his binoculars and pressed a button on the side to replay the recording. Finger Bones’ voice was very clear, but Mr Williams was inaudible.

“You’ve got away this time, Mr Williams, but I’ll find you next time.” Cloud whispered to himself as he hooked the binoculars into his collar as he lowered himself down from the roof to his waiting motorbike below. “Time to head back to base and see what secrets this video on these binoculars can reveal!”


Previous episodes can be found on the Storylines page.

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