Claudette Brice looked in despair at the computer monitor.

“No no no!” she said as she quickly hit a few keys on the keyboard. The monitor continued to display the words ‘signal lost’. The screen was split into two sections; the top one displaying nothing apart from the two words, and the bottom section had three red horizontal lines that should be green, indicating heartrate, temperature and blood pressure. “What have you done?”

She pushed herself along in her chair to the other computer on the arched desk she was working at, and looked at the monitor there. ‘Location currently unknown’ the monitor told her. With her computer mouse, she selected an option within a dropdown menu, ‘last recorded location’. The monitor displayed ‘Rear of Midway East High Street’ and a couple of coordinates. Claudette used the mouse again to click on the coordinates, which opened a smaller screen and the exact location of the coordinates was displayed. ‘Trusted Unified Bank.’. She then selected another section of the screen, which gave her access to the camera on Cloud’s motorbike. A very blurred grey image appeared on screen, but with a few keyboard clicks Claudette was able to view the infrared image clearly.

Most of the view was blocked by a wheelie bin, but she could make out Cloud’s boots. He appeared to be down on the ground, and standing over him, pointing some kind of weapon, was Finger Bones.

“No no no!” she repeated once again.

Previous episodes can be found on the Storylines page.

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