Legend speaks of a hidden land,
Ruled by beast and demon, gods and man,
Far away from prying eyes
With lush green plains and bright blue skies

Darklands where the demons dwell,
With the P’tor caves a living hell;
The gods’ domain on the Mount of Light,
Imposing in beauty, a wondrous sight.

Everplain is where the people live
With so much life and joy to give
They share the land with beast galore
In harmony, they hope, forever more.

A battle rages, high and low
As gods and demons want control
Not only of their own domains
But of all the lands… and Everplain.

This is it! This is one of the things I have dreamed about writing ever since I started writing this blog. An epic tale, in rhyme, with multiple parts, characters, places, set in an unknown mythological realm where there are no rules and anything can happen. I think it’s time for the epic to begin. Well, I’ve challenged myself to let the epic begin.

This week, we’ve pulled back the curtain on the hidden land and caught a glimpse of a couple of the realms there. There are more… but will we see them next week, or meet a few of the featured players? Time will tell.

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