The Elite Force of Britain: a group of superheroes who joined together to solve one problem and decided to stick together to solve many. Lately, however, the team have been elsewhere. Some superheroes are on an important mission on a planet far, far away, and others are dealing with more home-grown issues. Due to this lack in superheroes, the despicable Supervillains United have taken the opportunity to strike.
Speculation is running high that the superheroes’ return is imminent, so the SVU are swiftly undertaking a recruitment campaign to swell their number.

The even more despicable Dropped Apostrophe is in charge of recruitment. And he is ‘roofless’ as he occasionally describes himself. A rejection letter has been delivered to a wannabe new member, it appears the applicant’s name had been deliberately left off the letter.


Thank you for your recent request to join Supervillain’s United (you’re only true supervillain group).

Regretfully at this time, we are unable to offer you a permanent place within our membership.

Our background cheques have revealed that you were once saved by a member of the Elite Farce of Britain, and as such we deem you to be more loyal to their cause than hours.

If, however, you choose to persew further your request to join are ranks, please fill out another form and get it back to us, wear we can cheque you agane.

Regretfully Your’s,

The Dropped Apostrophe UPR CSE cmma FLSTP

Designated Commander Recruitment Division

26 thoughts

  1. I’ve not come across the SVU or Superheroes before. The Dropped Apostrophe needs to go back to elementary school, his literacy skills are abominable. But I guess that fits with his name …

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  2. Is there anyone out there who’s genuinly suitable to fill the role of role of Superhero???
    Do they have the Superhero Badge?
    Have they got the T.Shirt?
    Do they know how to rip their shirt off and show their Superheroness?
    And .. most importantly . . .
    Are they willing to wear Superhero Knickers over their Superhero tights???

    And – before I sign off – I agree with Soul Gifts . . . The Dropped Apostrophe needs more Edumacation! 😀

    My fingers, heart and one brain cell were itching to delete, correct and put right many words in that post. So much so that I began to believe I had an OCD. (lol)
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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              1. Well since I’m not a Superhero, I won’t have to worry about it. But for those gals who are in the Elite Force, that’s certainly an option available to them. 😀 (Although they’re probably far more outgoing than I am, so won’t have any problems) lol

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