“No offence, Annabeth, but you weigh a tonne!”

It wasn’t long before they reached the old door to the lighthouse. The door was broken, and open, but so far none of the guards, or banshees, had appeared.

“Help me…” came a weak voice from down another part of the cliff. “Please, I’m stuck. Help me…”

Another one? Charlie thought. I’m struggling enough with this one!

They don’t need help, Charlie – that’s what they do. They lure unsuspecting folk to their doom. Apparently, inside the door to the left? Yes, the left, there are two spiral staircases. One goes up, and the other goes down.

Unless I was up the top of the first one, and then they’d both go down.


Never mind, Sue, just joking… Sorry, you were saying…

Go down to the very bottom, and look for an old brown suitcase. The diamond will be in there.

Just in a suitcase?

Apparently so…

Charlie struggled down the staircase, having to carry Annabeth. He held her in a fireman’s lift over his right shoulder, but the staircase was narrow, and quite dark. Finally, however, he reached the bottom. It was completely dark.

The light on the lighthouse is still operational, so that means there is power running to this building. There must be a light switch somewhere down here.

I can’t help you, Charlie.

No worries, Sue. It must be on this wall over here somewhere. Ah, I think this is it.

He flicked a switch and an extremely bright light powered on. As he turned to look into the room, a pale face appeared directly in front of him, and screamed at the top of its voice. Another flew in towards him, and did the same. And then a third. The room was full of these banshee wraiths. Getting over his initial shock, and after dropping Annabeth, he quickly scoured the room looking for the suitcase.

He looked around, and saw one of the banshees screaming into Annabeth’s face, before fleeing up the stairs. Another creature approached him, and he managed to bat this one away up the stairs.

Charlie? Are you alright?

I’m OK, Sue. These banshees seem to be only able to scream and fly around. They’re off-putting, but I can manage them. I can also see the case.

Good. Go and get the diamond, and then get out of the lighthouse. I think you may have just awakened the banshee, so they are probably sleepy and haven’t got full control of their capabilities. Hurry!

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