Dear Britain, the world, and any future generations,

My name is Charles Seer, but I’m probably better known to you as Invisible Charlie.

I’m writing this to apologise to each and every one of you. I’ve failed dreadfully in the planet’s greatest hour of need. I’m trapped in a lead room below the Elite Force of Britain headquarters in England. I may be the only superhero left on the planet, as everybody else has been overcome by a solar-flare-induced psychic battering from my friend and colleague Psychic Sue.

I’m affected also, as I have lost my power to turn invisible, but that power would be no good in this situation anyway.

I’ve been watching the news channel – its broadcasting events live, but all of the newsreaders and production crews have now been affected by the psychic onslaught. Every now and then a face will appear on screen, almost zombie-like and dressed in rags.

It was comical to start off with, people line-dancing in the street, but then animals joined in. Dogs and cats star jumping. Horses cartwheeling. Surreal events which I will never forget about.

I’ve sent an appeal out to the superhero groups around the world, but I’ve heard nothing back, and because of that, I can only assume that they have succumbed to this terrible event also.

Please let it be known that I have tried my best to get any kind of help, even resorting to asking supervillains, but again, nothing.

I’m writing this, should anyone ever find it, to say I am not giving up. Not in this room. I am going to go out there, and do what I can to try and restore some kind of order myself. I don’t know how long I will manage to even stand up outside of the door, but I have to do something.

If you read this, I can only presume that I have failed, as if I do not fail, I shall return and destroy this letter.

May peace be restored to this wonderful world.

Invisible Charlie.


This story continues next week.

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