Below the grand ballroom of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex where she’d taken another tray of freshly prepared food, this time salmon paste sandwiches with a side salad of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and orange peppers, Bubblegum found Lady Might frantically trying to bend the bars of the cage that held her.

“There’s no point doing that,” Bubblegum explained as she slid the tray through the hatch at the bottom of the door to the cage, “the bars are hollow, but filled with Moonbeam’s residue. That’s the stuff he oozes out of him to stun people, the weird black runny gunky stuff that usually sends people to sleep as soon as it touches them – it has a weakening effect through the metal of the bars, but it isn’t as strong so you don’t constantly fall asleep as soon as you touch them. Now, eat your food,” Bubblegum smiled broadly, adding cheerily, “I’m not happy with taking anyone prisoner, but we all have to eat, and for as long as you’re down here, I’ll continue to bring you food and check on you to make sure you’re alright.”

Lady Might stopped what she was doing and let go of the bars, saying “That still doesn’t make what you’re doing right; I will get out of here, and you and your fellow team of criminals will feel the full might of my power…”

With a despondent  “whatever…” Bubblegum’s smile swiftly left her face and she turned and slowly left the cellar.

And here we are again on yet another Sunday. This time, we’re still in January, although at this rate, we soon won’t be! The passage of time aside, with it being Sunday, it means we have another prompt word from Denise, at Girlie on the Edge, for her Six Sentence Stories challenge.

The word this week is ‘Paste’.

The button below links to Denise’s site, should you want further details on this challenge.

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  1. Good one, Tom, I too was thinking of a fish type ‘paste’ for my Six. Blimey, as if getting through jail bars wasn’t hard enough already, they have to be filled with Moonbeam’s residue as well!

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