Mission to Middlehaven: 21

As the flames struck the amulet, red, blue and gold lightning erupted from the plate. The elderly man let go of the object, and swiftly ran beside Lycralad.

Firetop continued sending his fire to the amulet, which now had began glowing white hot.

“Pleased to meet you!” Adam said, taking Sue’s hand as this was taking place. “Finally!”

“And you, Adam!” Sue replied. “Charlie, could you pass me the crystal ball?”

Invisible Charlie dashed back inside the cottage, and returned with the crystal ball as Sue requested. Sue held the crystal ball high into the air, and closed her eyes. She thought of pure energy as the ball lifted from her hand, and transported itself over to the glowing amulet. It struck the amulet in a blaze of multicoloured shards of light, and three large masses formed from the combined object. They were flung to the bottom of the garden, when three more solid looking energy masses appeared. Each of these masses went to Cheryl Olive, Merrell and Beryl, and in turn pulled them inside. They could be seen hammering on the inside of each mass, unable to break free. Suddenly, their forms altered to become green and lizard-like, with their eyes once again glowing white. They appeared to be shouting, or saying something, but the sound, like the Witches Three, were trapped inside. A second later, the masses then travelled back toward the smelted amulet, which now lay within its own burnt circle on the ground. The masses shrank in size, and travelled inside the glowing remains. In another blast of light, the amulet returned to its metal form, and upon it once again were three crystals: a red one, a blue one and a gold one.

“It is done!” Sue said.

“It is done?” Lycralad asked. “What is, Sue? Just what is going on?”

“I’m not sure it is done,” Invisible Charlie joined in, pointing to the garden. Cheryl Olive, Beryl and Merrell were making their way towards the group.

“It is good to see you once again, sister!” Cheryl Olive said, speaking directly to Sue.

“And you too, my friend!” Sue replied, warmly.

Charlie, Lycralad and Firetop were all confused. Adam couldn’t help but laugh. “You three have wonderful expressions at the moment! You will all understand in a moment!”

Annabeth walked over to Adam, who was also joined by the elderly man. Beryl and Merrell also joined them, and Cheryl Olive stood slightly in front.

“Please,” Cheryl Olive said, warmly, “come inside the cottage and we will explain everything. It is the least we can do after all your help!” She started walking toward the cottage, Lycralad and Charlie stepping aside to let her, and then the group, through. Sue nodded, encouraging them to follow.

“Igbon!” Cheryl Olive declared, walking through the doorway.

“Don’t start that again!” Firetop whispered, as he walked behind Charlie and Lycralad. Sue smiled and walked in beside him, placing her hand reassuringly on his shoulder.

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