In the kitchen next to the restaurant of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex, Bubblegum looked in the large fridge and was pleased to find that Chef had left it fully stocked with milk, steak and other fresh meat. As Chef wasn’t there, Bubblegum reached for her regular ‘sweetpan’, turned on the gas on the hob, and poured sugar into the pan, which she began to melt down, then she added the zest of two lemons, a lime and three satsumas, stirring constantly. She blended in a block of dark chocolate, and reached into her handbag for her bottle of special liquid, which she called ‘Forget-me-do’, adding at first two drops, and then three more, gently continuing to stir as she did so.

A voice from behind her called out “What are you doing young lay…”, at which Bubblegum stuffed the bottle back into her bag and spun around quickly to see the chubby red face of Chef glaring at her.

“Oh, hi Chef…” Bubblegum said innocently, “I’m making a batch of chocolate sweets – you weren’t here to ask, but knowing how you like my sweets, I thought you wouldn’t mind… would you like to taste this mixture…” she reached for a spoon, dipped it into the hot liquid and held it up toward Chef before he could say anything else, “I believe this is the best ever recipe from my Auntie’s Book of Cooking Potions!”

Chef took the spoon, smelled, then licked it before finishing the whole lot with a huge smile and Bubblegum looked at him deeply into his eyes saying, “Now, everything will be as right as rain tomorrow, and for the last couple of days,” she looked to the reader briefly, smiled and then continued, “this is my strongest and most flavoursome mixture yet, and I think it’s time for a brand new start, don’t you…?”

It’s Six Sentence Story time again, featuring The Co-ordination of Supervillains. This week, Denise (from Girlie on the Edge; the image to the left links to her site!) has provided ‘zest’ for the prompt word.

And, as supervillains do sometimes, the fourth wall has been broken… although, as always, the question is why?

Mixed reality is a funny old business!

14 thoughts

  1. damn! fourth wall break there?
    very cool (in terms of surprise element, of course, not any intensifying my regard for some of the characters in your ‘Coordination of Supervillains’ timeline.

    fun Six, yo

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks, Clark. These characters know the end of the series is approaching, and will try anything to keep it going. Supervillains, eh? I ask you! 🙂


  2. Ooh yes! Gotta be very careful with chef 👨‍🍳 😋 I used to work with one, he was very temperamental had to be addressed as “chef” and totally ignored my strops because I didn’t want to be in the kitchen! We ended up with a great relationship and I was the only one who could get away with talking to him how I pleased! No naughty potions though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’ll probably learn more about Chef (this Chef, not your Chef!) in the next series, Icewolf. Supervillains permitting, that is!
      (They don’t mind about naughty portions, by the way!) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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