Epic Mythology A to Z

Here is an AtoZ list of all of the characters, places and gadgets that appear in Epic Mythology. This page will adapt over time as the epic grows.

The characters:

Clammack; Hollowdrum player
Eln; Larkl player; Starr’s Husband
Haryette; Grantala Village; Dressmaker
Hor; Serpent; P’tor Caves; Water Demon
Kailan; Airflute player; Mortal who married Locke
Locke; Mount of Light; Goddess of Time
Lord Ralto; Mount of Light; God of Weather
Mystic K’Sandra; Battered Cottage; Psychic
Oggress the Gnarl; Psychic
Pickanickl; Sound Village; ‘Pet’ of Ynayna
Pol’ana; Elderwoods; Pol’tnorn’s daughter
Pol’suzo; Elderwoods; Shadow Queen; Pol’tnorn’s wife
Pol’tnorn; Elderwoods; Shadow King
Prince Ankela; Prince
Shadowfolk; Elderwoods; Hooded, secretive people
Sintair; Mount of Light; God Son of Locke
Skaglad; Darklands Guard; Ynayna’s head demon guard
Snowlef; Mount of Light; Goddess Daughter of Locke
Starr; Starne Village; Eln’s Wife
Ynayna; Darklands Judge Over P’tor Caves

The places:

Battered Cottage
Dassoov Village
Intlock Village
Mount of Light
P’tor Caves
Sound Village
Starne Village
Reading Place Library, Mount of Light
Waterfall of Hidden Dreams Not everything is as it seems

The gadgets:

Felteryme Time viewport
Fiery Foam Demons’ form of attack
Lover’s Stone Waterfall of Hidden Dreams
Paniom Time Controller
Shade Flow of time controller
Shielding Dome Gods’ protection for Elderwoods
Underlands prison beneath the Mount of Light


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