The door to reception burst open, bringing in a very cold blast of icy, icy wind and a woman who was dressed as though she’d just stepped out of the 1960s; Rust and The Opposite Man nodded to her cordially as they walked passed her on their way to their rooms, and Jordan Grainger looked up from behind the reception’s desk, his eyes still stinging from Ellova Palava’s toxic perfume. “We aren’t open yet, I’m afraid,” he said, rubbing his eyes – his left hurting more than his right, “you’ll need to come back – we’re – erm – having some refurbishments done.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” the woman said with a frosty edge to her sympathy, “you look like a man who’s just had his heart broken… allow me to fix the situation… allow me to rekindle your relationship… allow me to restore your harmony.”

“How… no… it’s…” Jordan couldn’t get the words out he wanted to say, but couldn’t finish anyway as Moonbeam entered reception, his eyes as red as Jordan’s, and his cheeks still wet from the copious amounts of water he’d splashed into his eyes to remove the acidic sting from Ellova’s little gift.

“Ah, I see… the two of you can’t be apart from each other, although being together brings the both of you so much pain… I can resolve that…” Jordan attempted to speak; the woman held her right hand aloft to stop him, “no… yes, it’s fine, my children, allow me, Madam Valentine, to mend your hearts, heal your souls, and connect you back into your own passionate togetherness.”

Jordan and Moonbeam glanced at each other with slight smirks on their faces as the woman closed her eyes and sung a song which was as tuneless as it was loud; from out of her upturned palms first a plume of smoke appeared, then a rumble of thunder, and then a bolt of lightning which split into two halves, each of which flew across the reception in opposite directions and into the chests of Jordan and Moonbeam, who both instantly fell to the floor.

Those two supervillains don’t know what’s hit them! And who is Madam Valentine? What does she want? Well, this ‘retrospective’ posting, reusing the word ‘harmony’, certainly doesn’t answer those questions. The original Six Sentence Story post using the prompt word is here.

Six Sentence Stories is a blogging challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge.

The Co-ordination of Supervillains ongoing story continues. Previous parts can be found in my Storylines menu.

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