Mission to Middlehaven: 1

Report filed by Crimson Songbird, Duty Monitor

The task force sent confirmation that they had reached Middlehaven Isle just before 12 noon. Psychic Sue, Invisible Charlie, Lycralad and Firetop were specifically requested to go on this mission, due to their individual abilities, by The Witches Three.

The Witches Three, who use the modern names of Beryl, Merrell and Cheryl as they desperately try to update their image in the modern world, have helped the Elite Force of Britain out in several escapades in the past, and it is only fair that we help them in return.

The timing of their request couldn’t have been any more perfect. Middlehaven Isle, with its mystical qualities, would be a perfect home to a herd of escaped wyverns so the team took them along on the helicopter with them.

Middlehaven Isle is one of those islands that tend to uproot themselves, and appear wherever and whenever it wants to. For this visit, it has moored itself off the southern coast of Ireland. The team could have made it to the island a lot quicker with their own steam, but the helicopter was just the perfect size to hold the wyverns, so they went in that.

Invisible Charlie’s message at 11:50am stated that the island was covered in a dense fog upon their arrival, but they had managed to find an ideal landing spot a couple of miles inland, at the edge of a vast clearing where they released the wyverns. Charlie said the creatures were extremely pleased to be free, and frolicked and played briefly around the task force before moving off to explore their new home. Even the juvenile wyvern, who Lycralad named Igor, decided to head off with the others, whereas before that he just stayed huddled next to Lycra. Charlie said Lycralad was sad to see Igor go, but he knew it was the best for all concerned.

They had a bite to eat, Charlie advised, and then he signed out saying they were heading to the Western Hills, where they were to meet with the Witches Three in their coven. They had to meet them at exactly 7pm where they would then get further instructions for their mission.

Charlie advised that they wouldn’t be checking back in until the following morning, but if no check in comes through we are to activate a Priority Three alert and get to the island to get them out. If not, they could be lost on the island forever, as there is no guarantee that the island will appear again in this lifetime.

We can only pray that they check in on time.

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