Mission to Middlehaven: 15


One of the banshees flew into the light switch, plunging the room where Charlie and Annabeth were into complete darkness.

Charlie could see the eerie glow of the banshee’s eyes and the outlines of their bodies as they started to become fully aware of where they were.

Every time one of the creatures looked over in Charlie’s direction, they would scream their now deafening scream. Charlie wasn’t sure if they could see him, but had an idea.

He grabbed Annabeth, who was lying on the ground behind him, and turned both her and himself invisible. He didn’t move, and just waited in the darkness. The banshees continued to scream, and Charlie noticed they were doing it in whichever direction they were looking, so decided that they couldn’t make him out in the darkness.

It was then that he noticed the darkness. It was cold.

It smelled of sulphur.

And something sour. Something fishy that wasn’t Annabeth.

The shadow that brought him to this location had returned.

He knew he was about to be taken elsewhere.


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