With the alarm box wires cut, Finger Bones forced open the door. He smiled as he heard the familiar sound of silence. He stomped through the back of the bank towards the vault. The night security guard appeared at the end of the corridor, and Finger laughed as he sprayed him with his neutralising rayspray. The guard could only watch on, the rest of his body frozen, as this invader opened the vault door and disappeared inside.

A moment later, the guard watched again as Finger emerged from the vault carrying a single folder. “Good evening, Seb!” Smirked Finger as he passed the immobilised guard. From where the guard stood, he could see Finger get into a waiting car outside and speed away. A couple of minutes later, the neutralising ray’s effects wore off, and the guard was able to run to the door. The car was nowhere in sight, so he returned to his office to raise the alarm, closing the vault door on his way passed.

“It’s Seb from security,” Seb called the duty manager first, as is the bank’s protocol in these events. “We’ve been hit. Finger Bones. He just took a file, nothing else. It’s as though he knew where the file was. It’s as though he knew me!”

After the call, Seb walked to the back door of the bank to try to close it securely. Footsteps on the road behind startled him and he turned around quickly, coming face to face with the unmasked avenger, the Cloud.



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