Queen Ellimayee waited patiently as her four servants poured warm water into her bath.

She then waited a while longer as the four servants left the room, to return a short while later with fresh goat milk to add to the water. Then, Ellimayee waited again as the four left the room, to return with a large selection of sliced strawberries and rose petals. They sprinkled these into the bath water also. A fifth servant then entered the room and with a large mop, and gently stirred the contents of the sunken bath to give them a good mix. Ellimayee then had to wait while this servant picked the pieces of strawberry and rose petals out of the mop and scatter them back into the water. All five servants left the room, allowing Ellimayee to disrobe.

“Ah!” Ellimayee remembered. She wrapped her robe around herself again, and dashed out to the kitchen. “I forgot to ask for the honey!”

She searched high and low through all the cupboards and alcoves, and couldn’t find the honey anywhere. Then, she remembered she had left it inside the linen basket in the corner of the bath chamber. She dashed back, intent on finally relaxing in her luxurious bath. She retrieved the jug of runny honey from the linen basket, and stepped around the pillar. She took one step around the pillar and stopped. In front of her, asleep in the bath, was King Rabletop III.

In temper, she threw the jug to the ground, which shattered on impact, sending the honey running in all directions. She then clapped her hands, indicating to her servants that they should all return the the bath chamber immediately.

“If I can’t relax,” she thought, “then neither can he,”

Rabletop slept soundly through all the commotion.

Not so long ago I posted A Long Long Time Ago. This is the second recorded event from around the same time.

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