“Will you two please shut up?” Lady Might called out from her cage between Jordan Grainger and Moonbeam, as they tried to speak through her to get their confused messages to each other. “It’s been about twenty minutes and all you’ve done is declare your undying love for each other and how much you’d like to finish off what you started earlier. I’m not bothered what you started, I’m not interested in what you want to do, and I’m certainly not going to put up with your meaningless waffle any moment longer!”

Jordan and Moonbeam went silent for a moment, before they started again.

“Moonbeam – can’t you get yourself out of your cage? Then get me out, and I can try to help you and Romeo over there to get together.”

“If I could get myself out, I would,” Moonbeam said woefully. “And if I could, I’d be able to get my beloved out all by myself, without any help from you.”

“Why can’t you?” Lady Might asked, not letting things drop. “It’s your power keeping you in the cage – so you have the power to get out.”

Moonbeam thought for a second, looked at the cage bars, and then sat in the corner, putting his head in his hands. “It’s useless,” he moaned, “I’ve been told not to leave the cage, I can’t do anything.”

“Nonsense,” Lady Might replied, noticing a crack she could force her way into, “you’re a supervillain. When do you ever do what you’re told?”

“She has a point,” Jordan chirped up, “and if anyone can get us out, you can.”

“Us?” Moonbeam asked, sounding hopeful.

“Yes,” Lady Might jumped in, “you and Jordan can be together, alone, at last.”

Moonbeam thought for a second, and stood up. He held the bars on the door, and drew down his dark energies, which weaken anything they come into contact with. The bars on the cages holding him, Lady Might and Jordan are hollow, but filled with the residue, which seeps through causing their weakening effect to be passed on to whoever is touching them, hence Lady Might being unable to use her powers to break herself free. Moonbeam pulled the bars, slowly at first, then with more strength. He drew down more residue, and the bars began to bend. Finally, they snapped apart, and he was able to squeeze himself through the cage door.

He dashed over to Jordan’s cage, and did the same to the door there. In a couple of minutes, Moonbeam and Jordan stood facing each other just outside of Lady Might’s cage.

“We’re supervillains.” Jordan said, laughing out loud. “We do what we want to do, and do not let anyone tell us what to do.”

Moonbeam folded his arms, and with a smug grin merely said, “we are… and good ones too!”

“If you now let me out of the cage,” Lady Might said, lowering her voice into a deep rasp, “you will prove to the others that you can indeed do what you want to do, when they see that, they know they can’t control you anymore, and you’re free. You can do whatever!”

“She has a point.” Jordan said. “Let her out, and we’ll show them. They can’t control us.”

“Yeah…” Moonbeam said, defiantly. “They can’t and won’t control us, and we’ll show ‘em. I’ll show ‘em!” He used his residue once again, and pulled apart the bars on Lady Might’s door.

Lady Might stepped out into the basement, stood between and put her arms around the two supervillains’ shoulders. “You’ll show them!” She said with a broad grin. Jordan and Moonbeam cheered and smiled broadly, feeling very proud of themselves. Lady Might brought her hands up to the backs of their necks, and finding their wind pool pressure points, used her magical abilities to apply enough pressure to send them both instantly to sleep. She made sure she lowered them gently to the floor, as she didn’t want to hurt them, and walked over to the steps that led out of the basement. She turned, and looked at the sleeping duo on the floor. “Sleep well, boys!” She said, then slowly climbed the steps. The door at the top was locked, but that was nothing with her amazing strength, and she carefully pulled the door off its hinges. She lowered it to the ground beside the steps, and looked back at Moonbeam and Jordan again. “When you wake up, you’ll be free to go… the others will have a lot of explaining to do, I think.” She thought  second longer, then added, “And I think, so will you!”

She flew out of the room, along the corridor and out through the hole in the wall that she made on her earlier escape attempt. This time, nobody was there to stop her, so she swiftly took to the skies and left the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex behind. “I’ll be back,” she said, “but first, I need a shower… and a shave.”

The Co-ordination of Supervillains ongoing story continues. Previous parts can be found in my Storylines menu. I’m not sure if you may have noticed, but this part isn’t a Six Sentence Story! So… what happens next? Find out next time!

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