The Mansion

The Madness that is the Mansion

The place that spans everywhere. The Mind. The Grinds. Time. Space. Dimensions. This website. I think that sums up the Mansion succinctly . The place where I reside. And the place where you visit when you pop by the blog – you’re very welcome, by the way. Apart from all of the madness, however, things are quite normal really.


This is a new page, where, over time, I’ll add links to posts about the Mansion, and the equally strange the Grinds, where it (sometimes) stands.

For now, though, I’ll list the rooms and areas of the Mansion that I’ve come across so far:

The Bathroom – this was also home to the Laboratory until I moved it down the the Cellar. This room has seen some rather strange activity, it must be said.

Twilight Blues

The Cellar – the world below the Mansion. Very strange place, the Cellar provides access the the Catacombs, Caves, and (it is thought) the Doorway to Hell itself… a lava river flows well below.

The Landing – there are many Landings in the Mansion, but the one outside of the Bathroom seems to have the most ‘Mansion’ activity. There’s a strange Shield on the wall, and a Grandfather Clock that pleases itself when it chimes.

The Vestibule – a small room just off the Foyer that provides access to the Cellar. This room is spooky in itself.

The Foyer – the entrance hall to the Mansion, sometimes marble-floored.


Who’s that knocking at the door?

The Turrets – occasionally, Turrets ‘grow’ from the Mansion’s roof. The views are sometimes breath-taking from the top rooms.

Twists Within the Ups and Downs

The Kitchen – one of the more quieter areas of the Mansion, it must be said.

The Stairway – the bridge that crosses floors, and sometimes dimensions. Sometimes, it’s a battle in itself to get from one floor to the next!

The Orangery – a new addition to the back of the Mansion. This Mansion is constantly adding new additions.

The Grinds – the vast gardens and land that surround the Mansion. At one side there is a large Lake, home to many a weird creature, including a friendly Plesiosaurus.

The Extra Room – out in the Grinds is yet another room from the Mansion, accessed only through a window. The remainder of the room (and it’s ever expanding realm) is below ground.

Eerie Wood – a part of the Far Grinds.

The Driveway and the Courtyard – this is the access to the Mansion from the front.

Cheshire – part of the Grinds is in Cheshire, although there is one small part still in Somerset. It’s all very mixed up.

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