Moonbeam swiftly flicked over the TV channel using the remote control he held, the face of world-renowned chef Ingrid Radner replaced by a nervous-looking scientist in a news interview, and glared as Jordan Grainger and Ellova Palava walked into the lounge of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex; “So, why were you on the roof last n…” Moonbeam asked without taking his eyes off the TV screen.

“I thought we had a low-life burglar climbing up onto the roof,” Jordan interrupted whilst looking at Ellova, “but obviously I was mistaken – we only had a low-life.”

In a blur, Moonbeam leapt to his feet and launched himself across the room towards Jordan, who in turn raised his arms, almost ready for his attack – unlike the previous night when they both fell through the roof of the grand ballroom – but he was still too late to stop Moonbeam grasping his throat.

Ellova reached into her clutch bag and sprayed her Clementine Forest ‘Sensitive’ perfume directly into Moonbeam’s eyes, who wailed in pain, let go of Jordan and ran out of the lounge rubbing his eyes, instantly forgetting about his attack – Ellova then sprayed the perfume into Jordan’s eyes.

“Now that should teach you both to play nicely together, boys,” Ellova smirked as she watched Jordan rub his red eyes whilst giving her a confused look, “next time, if you both carry on, you’ll be feeling the ‘Feminine Strength’, and believe me you don’t want to feel that!”

Matthew Mist faded into view on the sofa with a huge grin on his face and pointed toward the chair where Moonbeam had been sitting; he said to Jordan, “Now, if you’ve quite finished could you put Ingrid’s Cooking Tips back on… I want to see how her casserole turns out.”

‘Blur’ is the prompt word this week for Denise’s Six Sentence Stories. What do you mean, what do you mean Six Sentence Stories‽ Six Sentence Stories is just that – write a story in six sentences, no more no less. It’s a weekly challenge Denise hosts over on her blog, Girlie on the Edge… pop on over if you’d like more details – the link’s in the image below. (In case you wonder – I write six sentence segments to my ongoing storyline featuring The Co-ordination of Supervillains… and all other parts can be found in my Storylines menu!)

Editor’s Note:
This is the third attempt at posting this part – I think the Dropped Apostrophe (or someone!) has been around these here parts and tried to sabotage this post. That or my computer issues yesterday had something to do with it.
Firstly, yesterday, I spotted a typo, and corrected it in the app, which resulted in all of the images being removed. I reposted, with the images, and only noticed today that the final two sentences were also missing. Apologies if you thought I couldn’t count, were left feeling stranded in mid-air, or, like me, just have no idea what’s going on. The full six sentences should now be available to read.

Modern technology, eh? I’m going to have a word with the Dropped Apostrophe now… I’m sure he’s responsible.

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  1. I think I could put that perfume to excellent use….🙃 Your tech woes suggest The Dropped Apostrophe has also been at work in my blogging world 🌎 😳 Those tech issues you were experiencing sound strangely familiar 🤔 😉

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