Ellova Palava scoured the C-KIT search engine on the computer in the reception of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex, looking for any information she could find on the whereabouts of somebody called Madam Valentine; Jordan Grainger sat on a chair in the far corner gently rubbing his jaw.

Matthew Mist walked into reception, and seeing Ellova sat at the desk said, “What’s going on – who’s not being themselves – you’ve interrupted my TV time you know?”

“Jordan and Moonbeam…” Ellova said without looking away from the screen, “they’ve been whammied by an Oxo Love Healer or something, and think they’re madly in love with each other – look at Jordan – he’s definitely not himself”, she pointed over to Jordan who was sat forlornly staring at the floor, cupping the left side of his face.

“An Oxo Love…” Matthew smiled, “oh, you mean Odu… and you must mean Madam Valentine…” he pointed at the computer screen after walking around the reception desk, “you’ll not find anything for her searching for ‘OXO’.”

“Well, ‘Madam Valentine’ didn’t give me any worthwhile results either,” Ellova batted the back of her hand toward the computer screen “ although there are lots of offers for two-for-one roses, if you’re interested.”

“Not for you,” Matthew pulled his face, “she lives and works at Lovedove and Bubbles’ Circus,” he continued, his tone sounding more condescending, “everyone in supervillain circles knows that!”

Another Sunday – another Six Sentence Story featuring those lovely supervillains. Today’s post (or rather, this one… there may be more!) has a new word to use! Not like the previous retrospective daily posts where I’ve reused prompt words, this has a brand new one. Denise has given ‘bubble’ as the prompt word.

Six Sentence Stories is a blogging challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge. The button to the left links to Denise’s latest post if you’d like to find about more about this writing challenge.

The Co-ordination of Supervillains ongoing story still continues. Previous parts can be found in my Storylines menu.

14 thoughts

    1. That’s Matthew, Mimi… if he knows something, he thinks everyone else should know it too!
      As for the cure, we’ll have to wait and see what turns up! (I’ve no idea myself!!! 😊)


    1. 🙂 Thanks, Nicole.
      This is actually meant to be a comedy series, so I’m desperately trying to round up the characters and make sure they know that! 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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