Hello. I’m Alnold Kahh, and I’m captain of the Universal Cruiseship, Expansion. I’ve been travelling alone for many months, with only my ship’s computer, Nebula, for company. I’ve been trying to create an artificial body for Nebula, so I can have someone physical to talk to, instead of a disembodied voice. During our travels we have come across a single survivor from some kind of catastrophic space incident, but he is still being kept asleep in the Expansion’s Medic Bay. The Bay’s Automated Nursing Unit was administering a regular sedative to keep him asleep as he healed from his injuries, ‘was’ being the key word. The ship’s computer, Nebula, has fallen under the control of someone called Queen Braye from the nearby planet Ri, where I am now heading in a shuttleship. Ri, apparently, is a trade planet, and I have a list of items that I need to obtain to be able to complete the creation of a body for Nebula, if that will actually be of any use now. I need also to speak to this Queen Braye to see what she has to say for herself for carrying out such an aggressive act.


I’ve activated Pandema, which is the ship’s unique anti-virus cleansing tool and multiple firewall defence shield. Pandema is slowly working through all of Nebula’s files one by one cleansing and clearing the hooks that have been embedded. Once purged, Nebula will be back and the Expansion will be fully operational again. I’ve set the shuttleship to be on manual pilot, thanks to a manual Nebula had left for me if I ever needed to fly one of these things myself, and it seems to be running OK so far.


I’ve also kept Nebula’s voice channel open, and she is most definitely trying to speak, although with the purging protocol taking place her voice has been replaced by static. It’s quite nice to just hear the silence for now


Sorry Nebula. I’m sure she can still hear me as I’m recording this journal. I’m coming in to Ri’s airspace now. They have some kind of security check in place, which should trigger the Algorasmolaplup Defence Squadron to take me down – and by that, I mean to the planet and not wipe me out.


I wish I knew what you were saying, Nebula. There’s no sign of anybody appearing to meet me just yet. I’m reaching the landing co-ordinates that Queen Braye sent over to the Expansion, and everywhere looks in darkness. I am on the dark side of the planet, so that may account for that. Perhaps they don’t have a nightshift. The shuttleship’s systems aren’t picking up any life signs or approaching craft, so maybe the automated message Braye sent was a fake warning. The sensors are picking up the elements I need for Nebula’s body, so I’ll just get them if I can’t find this queen and then get off this planet. It doesn’t feel right, so the sooner we’re all away from here the better.


Ah! Movement. The landing bay doors are opening. Still no signs of anyone coming to meet me. I’ll fly in, and then take a handheld scanner with me to search both for the elements and any welcoming party. There are no other ships here – the place looks deserted – so I’ll settle down here and walk the rest of the way. I’m not sure if I needed to wear this protective amulet suit, but it’s always better to be safe. I’ve powered down the shuttleship, and I can see what looks like a sign that says ‘to the shops’. That’s what it would say if I designed this place, anyway. Nebula, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m going in. I will try to contact you again later.


Will Nebula be back on line before Alnold gets back? Will Alnold get the items on his shopping list before Nebula comes back? Will Alnold and Nebula meet this mysterious Queen Braye? Will they escape from her clutches or find themselves in an even tighter grip? The answers to these and many more questions MAY be answered in the next completely enthralling part – coming soon!

If you need to know what has happened so far, the previous parts can be found in the Storylines menu. Click HERE!

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