Maraganna looked out of the window to the torrential rain outside, and then glanced down to Huffle who was sound asleep on the sill.

She walked to the olde woden bookcase and retrieved her Wizard’s Almanac. She opened the leather-bound book to the index page, and then touched the word ‘Today’ with her left index finger. The book sprung to life. The pages flicked back and forth as Maraganna held it in her right hand. For a second, the page appeared blank, and then filled with letters from top to bottom.

She glanced up at her barometer, which pointed to ‘fair’, and then looked back outside the window. Still torrential rain.

She returned her attention to the almanac, where the letters had merged into the header ‘Today’ and below two words boldly said ‘No Rain’.

“Hmmm…” she thought, “maybe I shouldn’t have done that rain dance this morning after all…”

6 thoughts

    1. And I not only have two left feet, Prenin, but two left sides when it comes to dancing. Saturday Night Fever? With me, it’s more like Saturday Night Delirium 😰😳🙄


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