Rust, wearing a mustard-coloured top and jeans, and the Opposite Man, wearing his trademark black and white, walked into the reception at the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex, leaving their suitcases by the door and walking over to the desk where they rang the bell for assistance, and waited.

Jordan Grainger walked in through the door a few minutes after them, rubbing his painful eyes after Ellova had sprayed perfume into them, and, not knowing they were there, walked into one of the suitcases, knocking it to the floor with a thud. “The place isn’t open yet…” he said, recognising the blurred Opposite Man but not Rust when they turned to look at him, “Ah, you’re part of the gang – I’ll get The Lady,” he blinked, “she’ll sort your rooms out for you.”

“Don’t bother, she’s gone out somewhere with Dropped Apostrophe,” Bubblegum announced, following Jordan into reception carrying the latest copy of The Villain’s Handbook magazine, “there’s a clipboard with everyone’s name on it, on the shelf behind the desk, which will tell you their room numbers, and the keys are in the cubby holes behind the desk.” Bubblegum blew a huge cherry-flavoured bubble and with a quick “oops, wrong room” turned and started to walk out of reception, then stopped again.“Ugh… sweets… don’t you move you two… just wait here…” she turned, flung the magazine onto the reception desk, and stormed out of reception slamming the door behind her, leaving Jordan, Rust and the Opposite Man looking on after her, open-mouthed.

This is a ‘retrospective’ posting using a previous prompt word for Denise’s Six Sentence Stories. The prompt word was ‘book’; and my earlier post using this word is here.

The ongoing tale featuring the Co-ordination of Supervillains continues, with previous parts all linked in my Storylines menu. It’s love month, and these supervillains will be forced to work together, whether they want to or not, as the power of love takes an unexpected twist for two of them.

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