Ellova Palava walked into the reception of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex rummaging through her clutch bag, not really noticing what was going on around her. She looked up and found herself stunned to see just how ‘nicely together’ Jordan Grainger and Moonbeam were now being with each other; she froze for a second, took a deep breath, connected to her link with the Universal Flow (her term for her mind’s eye’s link to her intuition) and, realising certain elements had been rearranged, shouted (her very strong Bellalyan accent audibly clear) “Stop it – what are you two doing?!”

After a few seconds (years in Ellova’s case) of slurping, heavy breathing and pleasurable noises coming from the both of them, Jordan and Moonbeam tore themselves apart from each other, but remained holding each other’s hands – both hands, tightly; Jordan sighed, smiled, and looking deeply into Moonbeam’s eyes, simply said “Isn’t Moonbeam wonderful?”

“No,” Moonbeam corrected, squeezing Jordan’s hands even tighter, almost digging in his fingernails, his smile broadening and teeth clenching as he did so, “you’re the wonderful one… just perfect… I can’t believe it has taken us so long to get together.”

“Wonderful…” Ellova was perplexed; her question came out as a statement heavily tainted with incredulity (as well as her broad Bellalyan accent), “oh puh-lease – you were at each other’s throats less than half an hour ago… and now here you are at them again in a totally different way… I don’t think you’re at the needing confetti stage yet, and I’m certain you both know that!”

She pointed to two different chairs on opposite sides of the room, and after managing to separate them, made Jordan and Moonbeam, who continued to gaze longingly at each other, sit on them; she walked to the reception desk, moved a Villain’s Handbook magazine that covered the base stand of a microphone, pressed a button that generated an ascending three tone jingle through the hotel’s speaker system, and called for someone in the hotel – anyone – to come to reception immediately to help, adding, with her best English accent this time, “they aren’t being themselves…”

Another part to the ongoing Co-ordination of Supervillains storyline, which reveals that a couple of the characters aren’t exactly feeling themselves. Erm. Wrong choice of words, I feel. At least Ellova has realised something’s up. If you would like to know why and how we’ve ended up here, check out the Storylines menu for the previous parts to this story.

This is a ‘retrospective’ Six Sentence Story (which is a challenge Denise hosts over on her blog Girlie on the Edge), this time using the prompt word ‘confetti’. This was originally used in this post.

It’s love month, and it affects supervillains too, apparently.

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