They arrived at a waterfall, aglow with the light of the Full Moon that had finally risen. Or so Lycralad thought.

“This, my friend,” Adam explained, “is the Fall of Igbon, the Cascade of Light, the Monument of Eternity. The water from these falls are the purest you will ever taste. Legend has it these waters contain the same mystical elements as those in the Elixir of Youth. I take a sip every morning.”

“Cool…” Lycralad commented, as Adam continued.

“Look at me. Would you believe I’m four-hundred and two?”

“Yes,” Lycralad said, absent-mindedly. “No!” He corrected himself quickly. “Really?”

“Of course not, my naïve friend, but the legend still holds. Here.” He said, thrusting his left hand into the streaming water, only for a second later to bring out the golden diamond that Lycralad sought. He threw the large glowing rock over to Lycralad.

“Thank you.” Lycralad said, as he created a pocket with his material altering abilities, in the side of his tee shirt, in which to hold the diamond.

“That’s a very effective trick.” Adam said, impressed.

“I’m a little concerned, Adam.” Lycralad was weighing up the situation. “To get to this diamond, it seems to have been a little too easy. I seem to have got straight here. I mean you shooed away the scripulus, and knew exactly where this diamond was. It’s either very coincidental that you were in the right place at the right time, or…”

“Or, Lycralad?”

“Or this whole thing is some kind of set up. It doesn’t really add up. We were sent to search for these, yet I have been delivered virtually to it. I don’t know. Maybe I am looking a gift horse in the mouth”

“Here you go again, another strange saying. Sometimes, these events just happen the way they are meant to.”

“Even so…”

“Now, where do you need to take the diamond?”

“Do you know, that is a very good question. I was pulled here by that scripulus so quickly, I couldn’t tell you where from.”

“Who sent you?”

“You probably wouldn’t believe me when I say three witches in a cottage.”

“And why should I not believe that?”

“OK. Maybe you do b…”

Red claws grabbed Lycralad’s shoulders before he had chance to say another word. Once again, he found himself being pulled through the cooling night air.

“Hello my sweeeetttt…” Adam heard the voice of the scripulus say, as she and Lycralad vanished into the night’s sky.

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