“Nothing!” Cloud punched the desk in frustration.

“It was worth a try, though,” Claudette suggested helpfully. “What do you know?”

“Well, Finger Bones is working for a man called Mr Williams. He has a mystery accomplice who I haven’t seen yet, his getaway driver.” Cloud tapped away at his computer keyboard and an image appeared on screen of Finger Bones. “This accomplice clobbered me with a plank of wood whilst my back was turned. Not very gentlemanly, all things considered.”

“He’s a baddie.” Claudette commented. “Baddies don’t tend to stick to the rules.”

“Finger Bones seems to have his own moral code. He could easily have done away with me when I was floored, but he didn’t.”

“That’s true. What did he take for this Mr Williams?”

“That’s the second mystery. He’s taken only three files from three different bank vaults. I’d hoped this audio would reveal what was in those files, but neither Williams nor Finger let anything slip.”

“Mr Williams could have. You can’t say he didn’t just because his voice wasn’t picked up on the recording. Wait a minute! Did your recording capture the registration number of the limo?”

“Good idea!” Cloud tapped away at the keyboard again, looking for the files obtained on the memory card. “I was so focused on the audio, I didn’t even consider the video. It’s been a long night.”

Finger Bones’ face was replaced by a darkened image of the meeting point. Cloud tapped at the keyboard once more and zoomed into the vehicle he was looking for. Only part of the number was readable. “XF9” Cloud read as he opened up another program and typed the characters in. Page after page appeared on screen with details of vehicles holding that combination. “It’s never easy!” he sighed, as he started scrolling through the list.

“I’ll do that.” Claudette said. “You catch up with some sleep, and I’ll let you know later what I find. It’ll take a while to try to put these pieces together, so there’s no point rushing or us both doing it.”

“I think I will do that, Claudette. Thanks.” Cloud left through the door beside the TV screens knowing although he would get some sleep he wouldn’t get that much. His mind wanted answers.

Previous episodes can be found on the Storylines page.

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