Beyond the Sphere

Same Ol’ Conspiracy

There’s nothing that says “I Love You” more Than an expensive card being shoved through your door The card-makers are rubbing their hands in glee Saying “Give this to your loved one, your money to me!” The restaurants… Read More

It’s in the cards

I’m gradually losing interest in Valentine’s Day already. I thought I’d have a go at ‘cashing in’ on the season, as I usually do each year, but I don’t mind admitting that I find watching paint dry far… Read More

The Night Before the Day of the Full Moon

In a strange and random turn of events, today’s post is a little break away from the other Halloween postings that have been going on around here. Although a little break away, it isn’t a complete break away,… Read More

Contract 42

Queenie noticed the bus approaching in the distance, over the brow of the hill. “That’s an old bus” she muttered to herself as she rummaged through the stack of old Lottery tickets and sweet wrappers in her handbag,… Read More

Possibly, the shortest blogging break in history… and the longest explanation why!

Yesterday, in a post featured on this blog, I declared that I was going to ‘follow the signs’ and take a break from blogging. I declared this, despite saying in the post that I wasn’t taking a full… Read More