Universal Magic

The Universe listens. The Universe delivers. The Universe complies.

We tap into that power with our thoughts and feelings. We draw everything from that Universal Magic whether we’re conscious of it or not. Most of the time we don’t even notice what the Universe is doing for us, but behind the scenes the Universe is working very hard for us.

We notice coincidences. That’s the Universe’s doing. We’re ‘moved’ to be in the right place at the right time to see the coincidence. If we notice it, that is. The more coincidences we look for the more we see, only we have to be aware otherwise the moment will pass us by.

That awareness is key.

Just by opening up a little, becoming more aware of what is happening around us amplifies the Universal Magic.

Our Universe doesn’t need to be everything in all of existence, although it could be if we wanted it to. Our Universe could be the town where we live, the building we live in, the chair we set in, or even each breath we take in. Just focus on what coincidence you would like to see, and then wait – maybe for not too long – for the Universe to bring it to you.

Sometimes the Universe is subtle. And sometimes the Universe delivers a jaw-dropping whoa! moment. Both delivery methods are fun.

Well, it is magic!

A Thousand Stars

A thousand thoughts
Amidst a thousand stars
Hold a thousand dreams
Within a thousand wishes.
A thousand minds
Hope a thousand times
For a single thought
And all its riches.

Deep Blue Somewhere

Thoughts go beyond the clouds
Connecting with the vast openness
Sending out dreams full of hope
And hoping those dreams are realised

Know that the Universe listens.

And out in that deep blue somewhere
Change is already taking place

Tuning Fork

Vibrate correctly
Balanced with the Universe
And go with the flow

Aligned and at one
The Universe feels your heart
And reflects in kind

Just feel the magic
Know you are one with it all
And Feel Good in awe!