Beyond the Sphere

Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts It’s been another relaxing week here at the Mansion, and outside in the Wider World. The weather’s been warmish, although, apparently, it is expected to become scorching over the next few days. I don’t mind the… Read More

Universal Magic

The Universe listens. The Universe delivers. The Universe complies. We tap into that power with our thoughts and feelings. We draw everything from that Universal Magic whether we’re conscious of it or not. Most of the time we… Read More

A Thousand Stars

A thousand thoughts Amidst a thousand stars Hold a thousand dreams Within a thousand wishes. A thousand minds Hope a thousand times For a single thought And all its riches.

Deep Blue Somewhere

Thoughts go beyond the clouds Connecting with the vast openness Sending out dreams full of hope And hoping those dreams are realised Know that the Universe listens. And out in that deep blue somewhere Change is already taking… Read More

When You Wish Upon A Star…

Pick a star. Any star. Make a wish. Just how far you go is limited only to you – the Universe is eternal. Feel the power and grant your wish!