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Wordle: The Crossroads of Hope

Illusion surrounds at the crossroads of hope
Like a chain of faux pearls on a long lock of hair
Lined up one after the other
Braced to break
To be scattered
To be chased
Fear and uncertainty
From the bottom of the heart
Nerves shaking
Jangled from the start
Penned in by longing
Which way to go?
Rebel and stay?
Or go with the flow?
But ding!
Ta dah!
That’s it right there!
The illusion can freeze
Or propel one afar


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The Tree at the Edge of Elsewhere

Right at the edge of Elsewhere sits a quaint and magical forest. Full of old trees, echoes of legends whisper through the leaves as the gentle breeze makes its way to the centre of the forest. Knowledge comes flooding in. Sense of purpose. Hope. Dreams. Wisdom. Realisation.

Elsewhere is forever changing. It adapts to suit the mood of the observer. It creates shadows if shadows are needed. Stories too, if required. Look beyond the final tree at Legends Point and a whole new world opens up ahead, within arm’s reach. Almost within grabbing distance.

That new world is there to be grabbed. Well, to be made. Elsewhere provides the inspiration, the enthusiasm, the spark and the flicker of light to set things in motion. The idea for the way forward.

The final tree is known locally as the Elsew Tree.

Those same locals know that taking the tree out of the equation, leaves only here behind.

Here is now.

And Now is where all of those dreams of Elsewhere really begin.