Beyond the Sphere

Nice for the Time of Year

Questions needed answers Thoughts needed to be filed So I lay back and listened To some music for a while Looking for a meaning I settled nice and still Nothing was forthcoming ‘Though I was very chilled I… Read More


Light will always alter the shades of darkness No matter how dark Notice the light Notice how often the darkness changes

Momentary Distraction!

I’m scouring the internet at the moment, just to take a break from the everyday and to see what I can find with a blank mind. I’ve come across, which has a sentence section. What better way… Read More


Even in the microscopic world, where space between objects is much more vast than in our world, there is a connection between everything. Just because they are apart, it doesn’t mean they are disconnected.

Looking Ahead

‘Though the road is long And the future bright Sometimes the horizon Is a daunting sight Keep moving forwards Through darkness and light And witness the Universal Magic Strength And wondrous might   Hélène has set another fabulous… Read More