Beyond the Sphere

One Minute Ramble: Rusht

The clock’s against me No, the time, The clock, the time, They’re the same When you’re up against them. But the clock Shows the time But isn’t the time Just as time isn’t the clock… Yet to save… Read More

One Minute Ramble*: Road Signs

I’m confused. It’s the road signs, you see. I’m not referring to the physical signs such as Stop! or 30 or Give Way or the like, the ‘normal’ road signs; I’m instead referring to the other type of… Read More

Searching for dragons

I’m still at the mercy of Blogger’s Block right now, pesky nuisance that it is. And, I’m sure that it isn’t only me affected… my Inner Sceptic is pointing out that something is being drip-fed to us all,… Read More

Oh, Flux!

Apologies, first off. I may vanish at any given second and end up goodness knows where, but just in case I do, I thought it best to get that out of the way first! And today started off… Read More

Time Travel (On Wednesday)

I put the feelers out yesterday for the …On Wednesday topic this week. I thought giving my Inner Beings chance to think of something to say would be a better option than having another blank blog post like… Read More