Beyond the Sphere

Rude Awakenings

I lounged in a luxurious lengthy bath this morning, appreciating the warm waters soothing my sleepingy body. It was 5:18. Mere minutes earlier, I was viciously dragged out of a lovely sleep by my alarm clock, which I… Read More

Wordle: Past Times

We used to walk along the riverbank Watching ripples on the surface And be carried by the water You know, where one stands still And the flow downstream makes One appear to be moving We used to watch… Read More

And they say romance is dead

Old Mal creaked and groaned as he leant forward in his dusty old chair. He was bent completely double with his arm out-stretched as far as he could, but he still couldn’t reach it. He muttered something inaudible…. Read More

Full Circle

Gerald looked out of his bedsit window and pondered. The street looks different, somehow. I’m sure there’s a storm brewing. Why’s Mr Hecklethorpe’s there? I’m sure it collapsed. Did it collapse? Nah – I must have dreamt it…. Read More

The Superhero Diaries 2.6: Discarded Plans

The Elite Force of Britain, like many people around the world, receive their fair share of junk mail in the post. Someone, however, took the time to create a postcard (addressed to Betty Stretch but intended for the… Read More