Beyond the Sphere


This week, Debbie’s one-word theme is Imagine. I have hundreds of photos which could provide a little something that would stir the imagination, but nothing that stood out to me that would literally fire the imagination. I started… Read More

Full Circle

Gerald looked out of his bedsit window and pondered. The street looks different, somehow. I’m sure there’s a storm brewing. Why’s Mr Hecklethorpe’s there? I’m sure it collapsed. Did it collapse? Nah – I must have dreamt it…. Read More


The room we first entered was small. And considering we were miniscule, that’s saying something. With the wooden door behind, and another door directly opposite, the room was filled by three small chairs and a table. Stone walls… Read More

The Mansion: Morsels of Mayhem and Magic

Something to lighten the mood is in order, I feel. Well, something different anyhow. I’ve harped on about this Mansion of mine for what seems like centuries now. I’ve revealed bits and bobs about it as time’s gone… Read More

View from the window: The Multiverse

The Mansion’s playing silly beggars again. This morning I didn’t just look through one window; I had to look through five and a half windows to see the view! At least it’s good that the Universe is in… Read More