Agents of Darkness

She sat in the waiting room of the HR department fidgeting, biting her lip and anxiously waiting.

He walked in and sat on a chair on the opposite side of the room, his red skin even more red after climbing the two-hundred flights of stairs. He nodded to his green-skinned associate.

“What have you done this time?” she asked.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. You?” he smiled slightly.

“Same. I don’t get the chance to do anything. She’ll probably tell us off, send us on our way, and then want to see us again next month.” she gripped her hands together, her knuckles turned white.

“No point being nervous then!” he always tried to reassure her.

“ENTER!” Boomed the voice from the other side of the door. The sign for Monique D’Arkness hung loosely on the door by a single screw, and swung freely as the door suddenly opened.

They both walked into the office, the red man allowing the green woman to go first. The door slammed shut behind them, and Monique sighed at her desk. “SIT!” She boomed once again. They both sat urgently. She gripped the metal arms on her chair tightly, he sat back relaxed.

“Now.” Monique began. “We aren’t going to go through this again. Downstairs have told me that we have to take action this time. They, or rather WE, are sending you both on a mission. You are to become agents of mine, and your mission is simple: to spread darkness, chaos and confusion to the greater world. You both do it in volumes in here, so we see you having no problem out there!”

“But…” she said.

“NO buts.” Monique interrupted.

“Where…” he asked.

“No wheres!” Monique interrupted once again, glaring at the red-skinned man. She flung a folder across the table to each of them. “Your mission is in here. It begins immediately. You are to move into the house provided, the details are in the folder, as are the identities you will be using. I will be in touch. NOW GET OUT!”

The door opened on its own accord again, and the chairs tipped the man and the woman up onto their feet. They both hurried out of the office without looking back.

“Well, this is different.” He said, just as the door slammed shut again behind them.

Momentary Distraction!

I’m scouring the internet at the moment, just to take a break from the everyday and to see what I can find with a blank mind.

I’ve come across, which has a sentence section. What better way is there to receive a random message from the Universe than via a random sentence? Here are the sentences it generated for me:

There’s a message for you if you look up.

Now I need to ponder my existence and ask myself if I’m truly real

Greetings from the galaxy MACS0647-JD, or what we call home.

In the end, he realized he could see sound and hear words.

Lets all be unique together until we realise we are all the same.

This is the last random sentence I will be writing and I am going to stop mid-sent

There’s certainly a message in there somewhere!

Look up to the title after pondering existence. With a mind that reaches out across the Universe, sometimes confused, sometimes ‘with it’, worry not if things are left unfinished.

I’d best get back to doing what I should be doing now…

Who’s that knocking at the door again?


I’d just settled down to eat a nice tuna butty when there was a knock at the door. I say knock, but it was more of a powerful hammering. It was so heavy a knock, the entire Mansion shook. I kid you not. I’m sure the bedrock beneath the Catacombs below the Cellar below the Mansion moved slightly. There was also a very loud calling of a name from outside, but I couldn’t make out what it was as the Mansion groaned as it settled down once again.

The rock below the Catacombs is old rock. Not modern stone. Aged. Familiar, though it is, with the rest of the pre-historic landscape that exists there with the interconnecting Lay Lines and Portals and stuff.

Whoever it was at the door wanted an answer, and they pounded once again.

As the staff aren’t here to answer the door, I placed my tuna butty back on the plate, placed the plate on the table, and trudged once again all the way across the Foyer to the Front Door.

Once opened, I found myself facing two people in fancy dress. I presume they were in fancy dress. They were dressed fancy, put it that way. A gruff-looking man and a slender red-haired woman with a string of beads around her neck.

“You aren’t right this time, Fred.” Said the woman, in a very matter of fact tone.

“My apologies, pal,” said the man – to me, not the woman.

And with that, without another word they walked across the Courtyard, and got into a strange clunky-looking car before driving away from the Mansion along the Driveway. The suspension in their car looked shocking as the car seemed to bounce along as it got going.

I closed the door and returned to my tuna butty.


Once again, these strange visitors looked very familiar. Click the peephole below to see if you guessed correctly as to whom these visitors were…

Their Wabbits

Shabbier twit!

Bertha bit Wis.

Babe hit wrist.

Bear with bits.

White Rabbits!!!
Phew! Got there in the end… things are a little mixed up at the moment.

Enjoy April! I’m wabbitin’ off now…

(The next part of Reverence will be along very shortly!)