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Wordle: The Alchemist

The Nutty Alchemist cleared his throat
As he began with his latest concoction
Into the pot he tumbled things
That he considered the best option
Beneath the surface of the boiling water
The contents were simmered and stirred
And he carefully watched as he gingerly mixed
And uttered his magical word

The pot rattled its chains that held it secure
Upon the old stone floor
As the blended punch within the pot
Altered its matter and state and more

The Nutty Alchemist watched with glee
As his concoction bubbled and burst
He cleared his throat and laughed out loud
And labelled his talents no longer cursed
Inside the pot with the colour of gold
The liquid was starting to set
So he spooned the contents into tins
Knowing he’d won his own silly bet!



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It appears that silly season isn’t quite over yet, as I had incorrectly stated in my recent Reflections Letters to the Universe post. Ah well. Can’t be helped, I suppose, with a mind like mine!

My photo entry for this week’s One Word Sunday theme of Upright almost but not quite hits the mark. It’s an old Selfie of me, but one I instantly thought of when I saw the theme. My hair doesn’t look like that now, I hasten to add.

Visit Debbie’s site to see more (sensible) takes on this, and last, week’s theme.

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The Fortune Cookie Fortune from the Fortune Cookie Fortune Jar

Your fortune is sweet as a cookie

Speculate to Accumulate

To find an oasis you have first to walk through a desert

I’ve had to munch through many a fortune cookie to amass the collection of fortune cookie fortunes I now have in a small jar. The things I do for this blog.

This is the first in an occasional series where I draw three fortune cookie fortunes from the fortune cookie fortune jar. The first fortune cookie fortune above was the first fortune cookie fortune drawn from the fortune cookie fortune jar, I kid you not. The second, the second, and the third the third.

Today’s Random Number generated from RANDOM.ORG is:


91 is a Centred Nonagonal Number

91 is the international dialling code to India

91 is the total of cents of a US dollar, if one had one of each of the coins with a denomination less than a dollar (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar) although I’ll have to take Wikipedia’s word for that as I was lost after penny.

91 (rather M91) is a barred spiral galaxy in the Coma Berenices constellation (that was a new one on me too!). The Milky Way is also a barred spiral galaxy, and the Coma Berenices constellation also houses the Coma Berenices galaxy, which is a faint satellite of the Milky Way.

A Milky Way chocolate bar has 456 calories. 456 is a Centred Pentagonal Number.

456 minus 91 equals 365.

365 as well as being the number of days in a normal year, is also a Centred Square Number.

In 1991 the USSR ceased to exist. If you counted all of the letters from the names of the countries that made up the former Soviet Union and got 91 you’d be slightly out, but it would have been a fabulous coincidence if this had been so, wouldn’t it?

Pentagons are five sided shapes; squares are four sided shapes; and nonagons are nine sided shapes. Just having fun with numbers here. You may discount this one.

Today’s Random Colour generated from RandomColour.Com is:

rgb(184, 227, 191) #b8e3bf

How spooky is that? Well, not really. It is random, after all.

This has been my oasis in my current blogging desert. I’ve speculated to accumulate. May your fortune be as sweet as a cookie!

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Yet Another Green Man

Yes, we’re still at that Comic Book Convention. Yesterday’s idea of painting dots didn’t really come to pass, as I decided to have a go at painting this chap for today’s watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth. Animals, faces and green men are the most prominent topic now, but dots may start to creep into the mix as we enter the last week of July.

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Happy Birthday, Canada!

What a way to begin July! A celebration! A cake! A new word! A watercolour painting! And why not?

OK, Canada is 150 years old this year. It’s Sesquicentennial, for want of a better term. And I’ve decided for my first watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth, to create a cake. A red and white cake, based on the Canadian flag, outlined in silver and gold, with a huge 150 as the cherry on top. My cake’s rather lop-sided, but even that is better than one that I could have attempted to bake for real. I’m a terrible cook. You should see the bread I bake… and that is done in a breadmaker! Anyway, I digress.

For Canada Day, July 1st, today, I celebrate Canada!

And of course, the start of a month of watercolour painting!