Beyond the Sphere


It’s Debbie’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week’s theme is ‘Dream’. My dreams go from the sublime to the ridiculous. sometimes even in the same dream. A complete mixed bag of elements, which may just be… Read More

Mystical Moonhaven

Moonlight and starlight In many different colours Shine upon the Haven. A magical glow In a mystical realm Provide warmth and comfort At the edge of dreams.

Head In The Clouds

Soaring high above With fresh clean air all around Is it just a dream?

Mystical Moonhaven

Magic abounds here Mystical mists mask the realm As dreams become real

Imagine What I See

I see a ladder In the clouds reaching up Reaching high Step by step I see a view Far and wide far and wide All around Clear as day I see a dream Being made coming true Somewhere… Read More