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Island of Dreams

The Land of Nod beckoned. Stars shone brightly in an almost clear and endless sky, each one representing someone’s dream; someone’s hope. The island sparkled in the starlight, frozen on the horizon, frozen in time. The Land of Nod. Eternal gateway to the Realm of Dreams, accessed only occasionally by souls travelling as their host bodies slept. Some remember their visits there, trying to revisit as often as they can. Others merely recall snippets… snapshots… fragmented memories and out of order recollections of a magnificent surreal reality. The icy waters lap the shoreline, gently ebbing and flowing, gently passing the time and gently reflecting both the wonder and the fluid nature of the imagination.

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Wordle: In the Dead of Night

Whilst everyone sleeps,
Sneak out through the door and look up to the lights from afar
Ignore the chatter within your mind,
Focus on the patterns of the stars.
With back stretched, force free from the gravity net that binds
And heave yourself up from the ground.
The screeching of the wind becomes the only sound
Reload your energies, rewrite your files,
Raise up, raise up, see around for miles
Fly high, soar, feel completely free,
Become one with the Universe and really just ‘be’…
Who says the human anatomy is not made for flight?
It’s easy, so easy… in the dead of night.

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Evening Daydream

With a slight chill being carried on the gentlest of evening breezes, I sit, looking out of the window. I listen to the world settling down after another day.

The sky above is clear. Stars and the Moon share the limelight, neither stealing it from the other. An owl flies by, as if on cue, and carefully settles on a post, its features hidden by the darkness, yet its outline clearly defined by the Moonlight. After the briefest of rests, it takes off again. Up into the sky it heads, and vanishes, as if by magic, in front of my very eyes.

I close my eyes.

Seconds later, I’m up above the town below, flying alongside the owl. We weave and dive and soar, connected to each other in flight only.

The owl dives before me once more, and I look down, where I’m temporarily dazzled by a bright light below.

I look up again, and I’m back looking out of my window.

Refreshed, yet relaxed all the same.

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Old Friend

Saw you
In my mind
Walking swiftly
Away by yourself
Daydreaming as you do
Your face was hidden in shade
Yet I could see your friendly smile
I noticed that you glanced towards me
But felt sad when you looked away
I tell myself you saw me
How would I ever know?
Next time could you wave?
It was nice though
Seeing you


Image from Pixabay