Tendrils leap and reach and stretch and try to catch the Moon
In dreams they lean, serene, unseen, and leave so soon
Leaving the same old theme
And tune and shadowy whispers
And fragmented memories
Real it seems
‘Though pipedreams
Persist like last month’s Full Moon
There but gone
So soon… so soon…

Posted in response to Eugenia’s weekly prompt, Dreamcatcher.

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It’s Debbie’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week’s theme is ‘Dream’.

My dreams go from the sublime to the ridiculous. sometimes even in the same dream. A complete mixed bag of elements, which may just be brought together to fill the blank canvas of my mind as I sleep; although it could also be said they may hold the key to what’s in store for the future. If only I can remember them long enough to work out what!

Above are a few photos representing some of my dreams, completely random and mixed up – one of them speaks a lot louder to me than the others. It may just be a favourite of this particular bunch, however, so I’ll not say which one.

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