Imagine What I See

I see a ladder
In the clouds reaching up
Reaching high
Step by step
I see a view
Far and wide far and wide
All around
Clear as day
I see a dream
Being made coming true
Somewhere near
Maybe two

And I know that my head isn’t in the clouds.

Not all of the time!


Land ahead
Or distant stars
Or vast ocean waves
With blue horizons
Between violet skies
And turquoise waters
Fiery energy
Rippling seas
And flowing time
And expanding space
Forgotten faces
From faded memories
Of familiar people
From previous lives
Or future lives
Through fluid time
With messages to hear
Or thoughts to sort
Or decisions to make
And semi-vivid
Clear and blurred
Defined yet infinite
And totally real.

But what does it mean?

Best to sleep on it.


The world has been at peace today, Monday. Strangers greeted each other with warm hellos, and traffic flowed congestion-free for the first time ever. Supermarkets opened their doors early with quality goods at their best ever prices, providing exceptional quality to the consumer. These like-for-like prices promoted sales which have never before been seen, and provided a much needed boost to the global economy.

Companies which damage the environment, whether for ‘profit’ or ‘research’ have found themselves subject to a new environmental levy of 75% of their turnover if they do not prove what they do harms the planet in any way. If they prove they harm the planet, their levy increases to 90%. Win win all around apart from those companies that damage the environment.

Warmer temperatures mean more tourism, and the tourism industry is welcoming a sharp increase in numbers due to the current temperatures. Experts advise the numbers will level off, as the environment begins to adjust to legislation changes, but with countries experiencing a boost in income due to the consumer quality sales promotion this will be counter-balanced. This in turn means that more tourists will stay home to explore their home lands and islands, adding a further boost to the local economy.

Bicycle sales are up, and smog levels are down. The air has never been fresher! Open those high-rise windows and smell the freshness!

In other news, schools are saying…

Huh? Snort. Wha???

I – erm – I didn’t fall asleep there. I was pretending…

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By The Lullaby Tree


Hush my child, no need to speak
Just close your eyes and do not peek
The Dream Angel cometh with dreams galore
For you to take part in and enjoy

Hush my child, and worry not
As you drift to sleep without a thought
The Dream Angel will see you on your way
Until you awake in a brand new day

Hush my child, drift sound asleep
No time for tears, no need to weep
The Dream Angel will hum the lullaby song
And you will be dreaming before…

Weekly challenge

Many thanks to Hélène for setting this challenge… the link to Willow Poetry is above.